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Name: Guan Yu / Yushang

Role: Rider

Mount: Red Hare

Bio: As a man, Guan Yu was the embodiment of loyalty, honor, and strength. As a God, he is a guardian of justice, a hero to the downtrodden, the Saint of War.

In the ancient times of the East, a great war between Three Kingdoms raged. The warlord Liu Bei, and his friends, Zheng Fei, and the mighty Guan Yu swore an oath of brotherhood in a mystical peach garden, vowing to create a new, righteous world. Together, they fought countless battles against the warlords Cao Cao and Sun Quan, and Guan Yu grew famous for his combat prowess and unwavering honor.

During the war, Cao Cao captured Guan Yu. At the time, Liu Bei's fate was uncertain, so he agreed to fight for Cao Cao under specific terms, chiefly that he would abandon Cao Cao if ever he learned the whereabouts of his sworn brother. Despite Cao Cao's gifts and promises of wealth, when Liu Bei resurfaced, Guan Yu immediately went to his side. Years later, Guan Yu again faced Cao Cao on the battlefield as the warlord fled from his defeat at Red Cliffs. Guan Yu cut off Cao Cao's retreat and obliterated his forces. Cao Cao, however, he spared and released, as a matter of honor.

His values didn't go unnoticed however. As he grabbed the attention of the Jade Emperor. Being summoned to the Jade Palace Guan Yu was offered immortality and godhood, which he refused. As one war had ended another had started. One for the Holy Grail and Guan Yu sought to fight this war as he had before. Not for himself but for those cannot fight themselves. No more innocent blood will be spilled in this war, And he shall fight until he cannot fight no more.

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