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Huh? Oh hey, guess you found my profile! Welcome...I guess ^.^; This is my profile, it's Furi Kuri themed....don't like it? Sue me. Anyway....yeah....sup? biggrin

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Likes: I like food, Anime, Manga, Video-Games of any kind really, the Ladies, Drawing, Playin' guitar, Red Bull, Flirting, Sleeping, Music, Gaia and friends biggrin , and perhaps a lil' yuri >.>;;

Dislikes: Stuck-Up people, Rude people, Liars, annoying people, awkward conversations, long silences, headaches, being sleep deprived, Highschool, The prospect of war, pure stupidity (For information on this PM me.) and Twilight, terrible books, shitty movie = my eyes hating me forever for making them endure even so much as half a second of that crap.

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- Top 10 Favorite Games of all time -

1: Ragnarok Online
Reason: Quite possibly the best MMORPG to grace Planet Earth. Choose a class, level up, transcend and become a badass with near limitless choices to gameplay. It strikes me as the child of Diablo and Oblivion.

2: Elder Scrolls 4, Oblivion
Reason: A single player adventure where you can do whatever the hell you want, be whatever the hell you want and the satisfying levelling up, makes Elder scrolls 4 one of my absolute favorite games!

3: Super Smash Bro's, Brawl
Reason: Play as your favorite nintendo character, pick a stage, then go forth and kick a**. Do you deny the awesomeness of this!?

4: Tales of Vesperia
Reason: A J-RPG/ Dungeon crawler spliced with an amazing story, four player co-op during battles, and a horde of gigantic monsters to kill, I smell an epic win!

5: Rock Band 2
Reason: Rock out with your co-ahem.....uhh...your guitar....and drums and microphone...yeah.....my guitar's much bigger than yours >: D not rly....but srsly, this game kicks a**.

6: Dance Dance Revolution
Reason: If you're gonna make an a** of yourself, you might as well do it to fairly decent american pop songs, mexican fiesta songs, J-pop, anime songs, folk songs, hardcore techno songs, metal songs....I can go on, but I dun want to.

7: Kingdom Hearts 1 & 2
Reason: Allthough Kingdom hearts had an amazing story, amazing characters, the coolest villains, a battle system that made other RPG's jealous, unique weapons, worlds and friggin' disney and final fantasy characters spliced into a single package of awesome.....the Yaoi fanbase ruined kingdom hearts for me....FOR THE LAST TIME, THERE'S A DIFFERENCE BETWEEN HOMOSEXUALITY AND HAVING A BEST FRIEND! Jesus, if my buddy was injured and tired I'd help them up too man, so would the rest of you yaoi crazed wierdos! Doesn't mean you're gay! Just means you actually give a rip about your friends!

8: .//Hack Infection - Quarantine
Reason: A game in a game, would have been better if you could create your own character, and if the story wasn't so very linear...oh well. Kite's a BAMF mo-fo anyway.

9: Tony-Hawk's Underground
Reason: An awesome game for it's time....but damn did it create such anti-social wanna-be skaters D:

10: CoD
Reason: Your typical FPS game....it's fun to blow s**t up, but hey, that's why Halo 3 and Marathon was released....

My Top 10 favorite Anime's

1. Elfen Lied

2. The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

3. Furi Kuri

4. Lucky Star

5. Pani Poni Dash!

6. Gundam sEED

7. .//Hack Roots & .//Hack Sign

8. Azumanga Daioh

9. Gin-Tama

My Top 10 Favorite Manga/ Comics

1. Iron Man ((Original prints))

2. .//Hack Roots & Sign

3. Zone Of Enders

4. Blood

5. Code Geass

6. Elfen Lied

7. Batman ((Originals))

8. Justice League

9. Lucky Star

10. Furi Kuri


Top 10 friends of mine

1. Jerry & Camilla Karlsen ((They're both tied for first surprised ))

2. Anna

3. Zack

4. Nana

5. Kellen

6. Shelby

7. Miranda

8. Nami ((A.K.A Shelby two))

9. Whitman

10. T.J.


More stuff coming soon!

I Believe you Maeka Chan!