Im Jenny
Ive been around Gaia for what seems like forever.
Cats are forever
Dogs are whatever (Doesn't mean I wouldn't get one though)
Native South Carolinian, and its lame af here.
Don't worry about how old I am, just know I'm not old enough.
Aubrey Graham is mine, not yours. Get used to it hoes.
Usually in CB.
Full time student and sass master.
Majoring in Latino studies, Ive always dreamed of living in Spain.
I don't want kids, just someone who loves me.
Happily taken by Alexander.
I do not accept random friend request nor do I randomly donate unless you are a friend of mine.
The only body mod I have are my stretched ears, but of course I want more.

Im currently questing Horns of the Demon, help me on my quest? emotion_kirakira