This is me.

I come from the state that brought you Spam, MacGuyver, Hercules, Bob Dylan, and Josh Hartnett. Here there are only two seasons, Winter and Road Construction. Our previous governor really could beat up your governor, but our current governor would probably rather eat your governor's soul. Home of the largest Soccer Complex in the United States, the greatest Baseball team in the league and the longest river in the US. We don't actually have that many lakes, but we are the continental state that goes the farthest north AND we have more Coastline than California. Guess where i come from!

i pretty much am just me.

My favorite bands as of this week:
Brain Failure
River City Rebels
Fake Problems
Flogging molly
Dropkick Murphys
The Pogues
Stabbing Westward

list is subject to change.

Yeah I watch TV! self-righteous pricks who say it'll rot your brain oughta get their heads out of their asses. I got a 3.87 GPA b***h. Anyways, my favorite shows right now:
The Black Donnellys
Dirty Jobs
The Riches
Miami Ink
and the guilty pleasure, Ugly Betty.

ok so you got me, i'm an anime fan. The favorites right now are: