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Hey my name is Ashley (not saying my last name) When I am 16 I want a sweet 16 party more inlikly I am. I wanna try out for american idol if I don't win like I care just I think it would just be fun to try out I think I have a great voice. My favorite colors are green and black.I am not a goth girl. I DON'T DATE ONLINE! Life is ok at the time but sometimes it really sucks. I have alot of best friends but my favorite bestfriends are Julieanna, Kasey, Karen, Annahi and my first bestfriend is Daniel. I am a kind of girl that is nice but if you get on her nerves than I get really annoyed and mad and I flip out. I don't really care if you hate me because I don't care what people think about me. I Love fierworks I Love the colors. I LOVE swimming, music and guys. I have a boyfriend in real life I love him so much. He is a great boyfriend he so nice If he died then I would die with hm because I Love Him to much to just let him go. I have an aim. I f you want it IM me for it. I also, have a myspace if you want it IM me for it. I watch TV when I'm bored and eat. (I'm not fat) I have strait hair and my fav websites are gaiaonline, youtube, aim and, mysapce. If your my friend and you don't like anything I like well your gonna have to deal with it just like one of my bestfriends we get in fights alot but we always make it up to eachother. I Love all my friends exspesly my boyfriend. Ok I think that's enough about me that you need to know.

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