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Junee13,2010 EST. 9:40am - California Timee

"She's love sick , Love sick." We're both love sick Lisa (; With eachother , Lmfao . Jk (x You already have your lover ;DD Oh-La-Laa . Hahaha, But yeahh . Let's talk about this pretty ladiee . Her name's Lisa . Suree , She's youngg , and she can act like a 3 year old , but she's sooo cutee and nicee (= Lisa has the greatest personality ever . She's funny . nice . cool . and many more (; But she's not bitchy and the other word i forgot xD LOL . I talk to her on MSN and Facebook all the timee , with Anhniiee Vu (; We both love you Lisa and you can't forget that . 143 <3

-Bammiee [Dianeee]

--hey its jon hakin Lisa--
this chick is awesome. she always been there
to talk to and shes like a sister to me...kinda
lolz..but anyways she is really down to earth
and the biggest nerd you'll meet lolz just messing
o-0 kinda.. (; we dont really have much in common
lolz but that just shows that shes friends with
alot of diff people. we have some random
conversations but never empty ones..shes really
easy to talk to and kinda crazy o-o but not in a
bad way...(: she wont be on anymore but i hope
she changes her mind and comes back on..shes fun
and entertainin lolz good times..back in the day.
take your time to know this girl and you will
understand wat im sayin. yea i think thats long
enough now lolz.

당신을 사랑하는 lisa 패자 lolz (;



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i_ricebunny_i Report | 04/24/2020 8:56 pm
y r u so rude
Vi3tnamese Rice Crackers Report | 04/24/2020 8:55 pm
Vi3tnamese Rice Crackers
no ur a bi*tch!!!! scream
xXxJonnyNJxXx Report | 07/13/2011 3:27 pm
just got back from the gym and questing some now.
am about to go again though
xXxJonnyNJxXx Report | 07/13/2011 2:50 pm
Hey lisa haha
Shinee Vi3t Luver Report | 04/16/2011 8:57 am
Shinee Vi3t Luver
Oh geee.
My Gaia got spammed too many stuff.
Havent been on for months LOOL
Too lazy to reply to everyone -.-
you serious 400K ?
Sorry iom late.
I only got lik 63K o---o
Free smile Report | 03/24/2011 6:46 pm
Free smile
Free smile Report | 03/24/2011 6:35 pm
Free smile
Lisa.....i have good news for u =_______=
britteny323 Report | 01/24/2011 10:13 am
heart add me heart
im britteny323 heart
Offer You Cant Refuse Report | 01/11/2011 2:23 pm
Offer You Cant Refuse
wow yur even prettier than i thought lol
Offer You Cant Refuse Report | 01/11/2011 1:22 pm
Offer You Cant Refuse
y not lol