If you were wondering;
My name is Hannah Vazquez
I was born December 1st! Which Is My Day
Not Yours And Forever Will
Be My Day Too Shine
I'm 15 years young.
I live in Cali ;D
Call me Hannie,or Zona
Language-English,Spanish(very little),and Sarcasm
I'm a female.
I'm Straight
I Speak my mind im very straight forward so if u dont like what i got to say then idc
I'm honest.
I'm SHY redface
I really don't like drama. rolleyes
I ♥ my bestiez mimzy-uchiha,mjlover24,OhhValerie,and I Rawr Chu I,A S H W E E xD, Itz Taylor 8D, and Excuse my swag <3


At Valeries house bored 6-29-11

Hacks <3

heart Heyy Zona!!! Guess who?!??!?!? Well duhhh it's yhurr lovingg sisterr Nessa! To all the bishess out there, this girl is wayyy too shexayyy for yewwz ! I'm soo luckky to have herr as my sister<3 You're soooo generouss && kindd && yeww can light up the room wiff yhur personality<3 She alwayss mesmerizes me wiff her beautiful personality and generosity. I love you soooo much girl! People who even dare hurt her, BEWARE! I WILL KNOW ANY SECOND AND HUNT YOU DOWN TILL YOU DIE! She is a precious diamond of mine, and I can't afford to lose her. <3 I LOVE YOU ZONA!!! <3
- Nessa <3

heart Omg hey this Sammy hacking my amazing sister!!! I love Zona she is so nice, loving, pretty & everything else that is nice! If you ever hurt her i will squish you with a big a** fish! :L Im lucky she is my awesome triplet & that im her sister/bestie! Love you Zona! <3 - Sammy <3

heart Guess who it is... Its Zona Favorite Bro Chris That she Loves so Much Haha <3 Yea its me Hacking in on Her profile. My evidence That im Leaving is All My Swagg Haha.. The Reason I love Zona so much is i can tell her anything Most Likely she already knows it anyway Because she stalks me Her and her Bestie Val always Be stalking me. Zona is real Funny and weird at times Lol OhhYeah Zona Can Be Mean at times when u get her angry so thats a WARING to all the Stupid guys out there
From: Ur Love able Brother Chris a.k.a The Guy Wit 2MuchSwagg
To: My Lil sis That i Love so Much and will do anything 4 <333

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heart Alright lets See. Mofoz [;
Alright Listen up because some real s**t about to go down about this chick. And if your just going to read it GTFU <---- That mean "Get the ******** up" and go get a pen and a note pad ;D Because imma say some Info about Zona<33 (Cute name right ;D) Aha. Anywayz Arizona <--- Will be her name but she goes by Zona <--- So get it right niqqa or we going to have a problem. Well Zona is the most sweetest;Smexiee;Funny;Very Slow;Helpful;And ******** Uh-Maze-ing <---- and thats a fact bruh. She is the like the s**t in my a** O.o nah im jp. <-- J.p (for the niqqaz that dont know s**t in the world) Just playing. Aha but She is my coco from my coco puffs xD LOL. She always helps me when im down puts a HUGE smile one my face -------> ;D <----------- You see. We never have our ups and downs because we cool like that [; Well Zona i have to tell you sumfin I ******** LOVE YOU [; <-------- thats a fact. As a friend of course O.o o.O Well anywayz Arizona <------ (My favorite Ice Tea Brand) Thats why i love the name [; I wonder if you live in Arizona O.o HMU mkay buddy. Well i gotta to bounce. Niqqa got a life. [; Love you [;
Jon outz~
Hacked 071711 at 10:53<3
Love you boo [;

Heyy this be Ben hacking my bestie! Well this girl is the most ridiculously amazing,beautiful,sweet,sarcastic,pervereted,gorgeous,incredible,cute,shy,all around perfect girl in the whole universe.She is just stunning,she can light up thr darkest rooms with her smile,And bring up anyones day with her voice,theres nothing wrong with her at all,she just never ceases to amaze anyone,Her beauty is hypnotic and her eyes are mesmerizing,she herself is so magnetic,on a scale of 1 to 10 she is elventy 44,she may seem like a good girl but have a night with her and you'll discover her total bad girl side,she is not into pink fuzzy handcuffs and leather,but you still cant help but remain in love with her,even though she is incredibly kinky ;D

heart Hey guess who?..its Tyler! hacking my bestie as well! Well Zona your are my amazing besite, you have the wildest personality,Always having fun...in every situation.your always there for everyone or anyone.Even when they have done wrong by u. you has a big heat, A genuin person, stunning body and a animal in bed (xD i had to Zona),mesmorising kisser. but any guys out there who screw her over watch the hell out,you wont know what hit you.<3

heart This is Santana hacking my besite! Well Zona is a sexy girl who know's how to flaunt it,but doesn,t flaunt to much. She's a great friend to everybody,and usually gorgeos! If you ever meet Zona you should immediatley try to be her friend because she will be one of the greatest people you will ever know! She has a eviable body and a beautiful angel like face! <3 Santana

heart So this be Amanda hacking Zona! lets get right to it then smile Zona is A girl who you mite usually see as a friend but is actually something more. Very trustworthy and caring. Sometimes mite seem like a b***h but when you really get to know her she's a great friend. Very beautiful and strong. She doesn't take any crap from anyone Don't make the mistake of loosing her as a friend because you will regret it.

heart Haha Zona its John well i love you you are amazing lol,anyway Zona is a girl who doesn't take s**t from anyone, even from her own parents. She does things her way when she wants where she wants how she wants with who she wants,ha ya im no good with hacks but i love you girl never wanna loose you <3

heart Hi its Kim! So Zona i came to talk about you girl! so lets see... hmm ok i got it She is a sexy, strong, courageous, independent woman. A woman that isn't going to stand by and be bullied by anyone nor let you bully someone else in her presence.
A woman that is both beautiful on the inside and out. Many may call her a saint. She will have your back in any fight, and so you better have her's too, and if not she will discard you for the coward trash heap you are.
She is a dear friend, a shoulder to cry on, an encourager, trustworthy and respectable i love you Zona!