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All You Need To Know.

Yesterday is History.
Tomorrow is Mystery.
Today is a Gift.
That's why they call it the Present.

My name's Emily,
I'm 16.
I'm a lil shy, and a lil quiet at first,
But once you get to know me,
I'll annoy the hell out of you...

I love reading and writing,
I love photography
and am getting a new camera for Christmas.
I think Jesus is a pretty cool guy.
I suck at dancing if it's not choreographed,
but if a song comes on the radio that i really like,
you will probably spot me dancing like a dork.

I don't get along with a lot of people,
I get angry and frustrated easily,
But if I decide I like you,
Then I'll be nice. :]

I don't know many people on gaia right now,
so feel free to talk to me.
But if you use bad grammar,
I probably won't reply...

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Don't worry too much about life--
No one gets out of it alive anyway.


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