it me

whatchu lookin at?
○ name: cole.
○ age: twenty five
○ pronouns: he, she, they
○ location: at the bottom of the ocean
○ sexual orientation: hella ladies
○ relationship status: married to the shmoney
yo, I'm cole
i'm an androgynous, peace-loving, starboi loser
and i stalk profiles
i'm mainly on zOMG being trash
I also roleplay in barton town forum; pm me if you'd like to write (lazy lit. to adv. lit.)
i dig memes, astrology, poetry, good vibes, thick women, and bad jokes
i'm kinda asocial and stay to myself most of the time
but talk to me about the universe and why we're alive, and i'm all in
this gets edited every once in a while, usually around my birthday

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