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-Court_CC_Curtis- Report | 05/14/2011 3:51 pm
you want 10000000 gold then copy/paste this on ten gaia profiles and press f4 then logout and logback in and check your gold!!!!!!!!really works!!!!!!!
Xxfullstrawb3rrym00nxX Report | 02/11/2011 10:53 pm
Kewl. So how long have ur phone been out? I mean r we still friends or what?
I'm confused kinda. Haha
Xxfullstrawb3rrym00nxX Report | 02/10/2011 6:47 pm
Yo, u enjoying most of life? I haven't been on gaia for quiet a bit. Idk...i trying to play this ******** guitar right and my friend being an buttface. He thinks that he can play, just not better than 'Page', best guitarist in class. I think... wink )
lorock11 Report | 11/16/2010 6:36 pm
you want 100000000 gold then copy/paste this on ten gaia profiles and press f4 then log out and log back in and check your gold!!!!!!!it really works!!!!!!!!!
Xxfullstrawb3rrym00nxX Report | 10/02/2010 7:39 pm
read that thing i posted on my profile. . .please
MatchMaker109 Report | 09/04/2010 6:15 pm
cool avi
x I x - Alexiis - x I x Report | 07/11/2010 6:22 pm
x I x - Alexiis - x I x
There i changed my user! xD If your not going to be on Gaia allot why cant i have you money? (gold)

*~Isabella Stuart~*
x I x - Alexiis - x I x Report | 07/10/2010 5:38 pm
x I x - Alexiis - x I x
Fart Nugget LOL!!
x I x - Alexiis - x I x Report | 07/10/2010 5:30 pm
x I x - Alexiis - x I x
Nice AVi?? hey jordan its me isabel O:
usher-omg-lol Report | 07/05/2010 3:04 pm
its wierd

About me & and particular things of interest & anime


I am Jordan E. Weigle or better known as karateboy1105. I changed my name to OHAI Im Jordan, however, because my oldest name was childish and imature. It didn't get me to many complimants either... I was put on this earth for many reasons, so here are just a few of them..

-I enjoy drawing art. Sometimes I draw out of imagination, or out of bordem.
-I enjoy talking to you, even if I don't know you. Of course, not if you are a drug dealer, or a *****, or a emotionally ill person, or mentally ill person, or you are just a flat out rude person, or if you bore me out of my mind.
- I enjoy reading and writing books. I know my hobbies say otherwise, but think, change is a good thing smile
-I sometimes build up the time to write lyrics for a song, so fourth I love to make music.
- I absolutely ADORE playing the drums, maybe one of the most of my hobbies.
-Sometimes I animate, but they have yet to be published on any media sharing site.
-I enjoy making flash games, that tend to be parodies of an awesome product, or an epicly failed product *cough* iPad*cough*
- I get so much interest in physics. They fascinate me, somehow. I love to play physics games too, but I can't make them yet...
-I love to make and use websites. Though I don't have the budget to create the next YouTube, I do have the resources to make a simple site or blog. Sometimes I never get the time to brainstorm up some ideas for it. I tend to be a loner with time huh?
-I enjoy outdoors. It gives me a sense of peace and quietness. It relieves my pains and stress. The sound of the trickling streams, the chirp of the singing birds, the softness of the grass. The space you get.
-I enjoy fishing. It gives you that feeling of patience. When you do catch something, the feeling of accomplishment fills you.
-I enjoy football, it is my favorite sport. You get to beat the crap out of people when tackling them. It also, is a great stress relief.
-I enjoy sleeping. You can ask my friends. I stay up until 7 in the morning (no lie) and wake up like 5 in the afternoon. The only time I wake up, is if someone forces me out of bed, or I have something awesome to do.
- I LOVE McDoubles. They are my favorite burger ever! I could eat them all the time. And plus, I have a high metabolism, so I stay hot and skinny all the time biggrin
-I love to study, for some odd reason. However, I love to study science only. Math, language, and all other crap makes me want to scream. I especially love to study random things in science! Stuff like the human anatomy, physics ^^, technology, evolution of time and humanity, and many other things, which I won't waste your day on.
- I like to get on gaia now, however, I used to not get on much, due to other sites and stuff.... and stuff like that biggrin

So there you have it, a few basic things I like or love to do.

I have yet to tell you the people in my life. So I guess here are a few biggrin

Micah Boyd: My best friend. He is like my brother. We text each other a bunch, and help each other out through the tough times in life. He is a joy bringing bright minded person with the best soul a guy could ever wish to have. When it comes to friends, there is none other better than him.

Kimi Chen: She is a Princess in disguise! She is pretty, super nice, and talks to me almost every day. Over time, we have grown to be best friends, and we are there for each other. She is a true princess. A beautiful, loving, caring, and just flat out awesome person! I'd love to see her grow up to her dreams, and I wish her the best of luck! Good luck in Color Guard Kimi ;D

Justine Krieg: She is always thinking positive, even when gay things happen. She is hilarious to talk to, and I always smile when I talk to her. We have become best-es friends, and text ALL the time! She is like awesome! I like to call her Pretty-Face because she also has the best face in the world. It looks so soft and zit-less! Not that that my face isn't awesome either >.> lol

Luke Holston: He has not created a gaia account yet, but he is also one of my many good friends! He is a good, clean minded guy, that is super nice, and I have never heard him insult me! (ever biggrin ) We laugh and talk all the time, but sadly I have not talked to him in a while, due to his move to Indiana. Which I am not to exited about. He is probably like my third best friend!

And for obvious reasons, that is as far as I can go into my social life.

My hereditary background is pretty awesome! I am mostly part German, and tiny bit Indian. I am also part Cajun. So I have a pretty awesome accent xD jk

I have brown hair, blue eyes that sparkle like crystals biggrin , and I am medium tan.
I dunno what I want to be as an adult unfortunately, because I am interested in SO many things. My favorite color is Red, and on some certain occasions Green. But it depends on the saturation of the colors. I m a normally happy person, unless something REALLY stupid happens, like you shoot me in the arm with a shotgun razz then I might get pretty mad. Otherwise, I am a nice social person.

And that pretty much wraps me up. I hope you enjoyed reading about me, because I am just awesome like that! xD jk

Good bye, and hope to see some PM's from you guys.

~Jordan Weigle

Lemme just give you a hint of a book I am currently writing biggrin I hope you like it!


The life in a daily basis of form for me was bad, as it was. But the events in unfortunate happenings triggered explosive fury which caused me to be imprisoned. Imprisoned in a place like no other. I was trapped in a stage of unexplainable mystery, and pain. I was trapped in the core of nothing...Inside a blank universe.. I was trapped in something that was nothing. Basically nothing is something but can't exist because it is nothing. If that, at all, makes any sense. I will try in my best words, to explain what the heck happened.
Life was going plain and simple in my life. A minimum wage job. A suckish sort of vehicle. I was lonesome in life, and I lived in a horrible apartment. The people in the room above me did so many things, I could not name them all in a century. Every night, I got but 1 hour of sleep, and had to wake up to the noise of the loudest alarm clock you'd ever heard. I'd take a shower and brush my teeth, then I would get ready to go to work. It seems like every time I headed off in my old truck, I'd forgotten to eat breakfast. I would get to work, bummed out, and hungry as hell. I would begin to work at my station (cooking at McDonalds) and would have to do the breakfast shift. While the other employees weren't looking, I'd steal some of the food I was cooking and eat it. After that I would leave. I would go to the gas station and get me a monster and chug it. Then I'd finish my day off by hanging out with some friends.
This all, however, changed in a day in June. I was driving to McDonalds for another day of work. At an intersection, my light turned green, so I went on. Out of no where, when I was in the middle of the road, a car rammed into the side of my car. After a few minutes, I regained conscientiousness. When I looked around to explore what had happened, I was surrounded with people. They helped me out, and sent me to the hospital. While at the hospital, the nurse gave me something. She said it was in the seat of my car. I opened it, as it was a note and it read:

Dear James,

The car wreck was just the first part of my plan. If you wish to live, you will have to follow along in my path of untold expeditions, to get what the government refuses to give me. If you choose to be smart and accept, you will be assigned to your job...However, if you choose to decline, you will be hunted down, and killed. If you even speak of this note, you will die. So make your choice James. Life or death?


I put the note down, and laid my head back. I dozed off in a sleep, trying to get some sleep to fully regain conscientiousness, and hope to God that the note was my imagination some how.

I have not found the time to work on it much more yet, but it is a priority for me.
I hope you guys are anxious... Leave me a profile comment of what you think ^^ If it gets good ratings, when ever I finish it, I'll post it to a forum or make it available for download. I could never make you guys pay for my crap ^^ So pwease wish me luck! biggrin

OH! I am also gonna make an attempt to draw some anime.. The possibilities are very slim, because for some odd reason, I just SUCK at anime. I can draw people in sketches, but just CANNOT draw anime razz

I will update you guys in a status or something :3

But wait there's more xD

If you guys no a music composing program that is a little to no cost, please write to me in a PM! Dapoo....


Since gaia profiles can sometimes be the way they are, I will give you the links to my art

My First Anime:

Another Anime:

An Anime Dediction:

A Saddened Day:


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OHAI Im Jordan
OHAI Im Jordan
OHAI Im Jordan
OHAI Im Jordan
OHAI Im Jordan
OHAI Im Jordan

"Unless you reach for the stars, your dreams will never happen. Until you learn to understand others, you will be a lost soul. Until you understand the mind of humankind, you will never understand a thing." ~Jordan

Alone time= Fun time ;)


Put this on you profile if you agree with Jordan, I hate little siblings peeing on the toilet seat and leaving it!


Dreams are dreams, recited by Demonslayer, but sometimes the dreams that are dreams, are the only dreams that never come true... If you follow a dream for to long, you can get lost. You can lose everything you ever had, and that is a dead end road.

Thish here ish my bestess friend....What she like to eat, I have yet to know!I luz you Kimi!! ^^


:O You didn't just poke me!? >.>*pokes repetitively*

Thats how much I love you Kimi!<3 This whole area is dedicated to you..Your the best thing that has eve happened to meI love you greatlyI cherish my every moment with youYour thoughts become mine!To many things that I can say about youI love you, I love you, I love you, I love YOU!<3