to: you know who you are

everything changed since the day you left me all alone
i kept waiting and waiting for you
even if other people say things to me that I'll never see you again
i still kept my hopes up

though sometimes I'd think that you were with another person
but hey, were still friends aren't we?
i kept on hiding and lying it to myself, i love you, i really do
though why didn't i realized it from the start

it's all my fault
it's all my fault why these tears keep on falling
i knew from the start that you were important to me
i guess the lessons learned
that once you lost something, you'll just realize what the value of it to you

so now that you're still gone
I'll keep waiting for you
no matter what happens
my heart keeps begging for you, your love, your heart

i know it may sound crazy
and i know i just made this up
you'd think that this is too much
but that's what I'm feeling right now

-unwanted guy ''dylan''


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sad im sorry sad

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Heyyooo Long time no see! heart heart heart heart heart 3nodding
im princess_amu

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im princess_amu

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im princess_amu

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im princess_amu

Oooohhhhh I see.....
im princess_amu

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im princess_amu

Hehehehe sorry I meant wht not why.....
Stupid ipad scream sweatdrop
im princess_amu

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im princess_amu

Hehehehhehehe n why ur fav anime/tv show
im princess_amu

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im princess_amu

it cuz i like a guy which is he is quite guy but in deep his heart he care about the girl
i love special A cuz n most plp which is high school with me they said i like hikari character special cuz i always want no 1 in my exam but something go wrong....
im princess_amu

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im princess_amu

rofl rofl blaugh lol sorry sweatdrop
im princess_amu

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im princess_amu

i gusse???
im princess_amu

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im princess_amu

no it ok User Image that good!!


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