100 facts about me:

1. My name is Nicki
2. I'm 17, a junior in high school
3. I love dogs
4. I like architecture and engineering
5. I like to wear blue
6. I have around 10 fish
7. My life is super boring
8. My hands are usually cold as ice
9. I live in the USA
10. I own 5 Christmas trees (only 1 is full size)
11. I could never be a vegetarian, I love meat too much
12. I love juggling
13. I enjoy puzzles
14. I get A's and occaisionally B's in school
15. I would never cheat on anything/anyone
16. I'm in marching band and play baritone horn
17. I have a couple retainers that are blue with sparkles biggrin
18. I can speak Russian (not that well)
19. I have 2 spider plants
20. I'm great with computers
21. I'm great with animals
22. I'm horrible with people
23. I'm pretty shy
24. I love clouds
25. Music always gets me up when I'm down
26. I like most music
27. I tend to be lazy
28. I don't hate school
29. I type the correct way (all fingers)
30. I'm a righty
31. My eyes are blue
32. My hair is a color most people would refer to as 'dirty blonde' but that just sounds gross
33. I hate being called Nick or Nicole
34. Some people call me Nick/Nicole anyways
35. I can't dance for my life
36. I eat a lot but somehow I'm not fat (yet)
37. I hate the feeling of tape (the sticky part)
38. I love holidays
39. My knuckles and joints turn purple in gym class
40. Hair is so annoying so I wish everyone was bald
41. I'm kinda tall compared to other girls
42. I'm pretty different from most people (if you haven't already realized)
43. I'm probably going to be a CAD (computer aided design) drafter when I'm older
44. I love games
45. I'm relatively smart
46. I cannot tell a lie
47. I reeeeally love sports but some of them I'm not that good at
48. My best mile time is 7:59 (kinda bad =( )
49. I hate wearing bracelets
50. I'm always like knowing the time
51. I'm an athiest but I still celebrate lots of religious holidays
52. I don't like to read all that much but I used to love to
53. Sometimes I think I'm the only one in my family with common sense
54. My BMI is 18.5 ish
55. I really want a dog
56. I have a dream catcher in my window
57. I recycle
58. I don't like mean people
59. I'm afraid of heights and lightning but still love lightning
60. I think piders are kinda cute
61. I'm not afraid of bugs (that much)
62. I'm a tomboy sorta
63. I like scary movies but used to hate them
64. I wear jeans a lot
65. I like to wear t shirts and sweatshirts, not nice clothes
66. I wear socks 24/7 in the winter
67. I'm a Sagittarius mrgreen
68. I like Orlando Bloom
69. I'm bad at gymnastics
70. I like it when people are nice
71. I hate it when people are hypocrites
72. I can't sing for my life
73. I don't use curse words
74. Whenever I try to write in cursive it comes out it Russian
75. I use the computer a lot
76. I'm a night person (I like night better than any other time of day)
78. I love escalators (especially going up/down the wrong one) and I used to be scared of them
79. I procrastinate a lot
80. I hate how my sister comes in my room all the time
81. I love to eat and sleep
82. If I was an animal I'd be an owl
83. I hate when people lie
84. I'm VERY organized
85. I've always wanted a pet rat but my mom would never let me get one
86. I don't scream or spaz out or cry very often
87. I wear a watch sometimes
88. My favorite song changes pretty often
89. I have finished a 3000 piece puzzle (took me 2 months)
90. My pinky finger is crooked and so are my 2 big toes, they make a big V when I put my feet together

Color - Blue
Animal - Owl
Food - Steak
Movie - Avatar
Book - Eldest by Chris Paolini
Gem - Amethyst
Class - Gym
Instrument - Baritone Horn
Band - My Chemical Romance
TV show - Family Guy

Wow if you took the time to read all this that's pretty awesome thanks =)


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Hello, thank you very much for buying that thing I was selling! All the best!
Devi McIntire

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Devi McIntire

Thanks for the purchase!

... You play baritone, eh?
wonder123 is The Best

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wonder123 is The Best

thnx 4 buying biggrin
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Alister Poe

Oh s**t, I remember you.

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Thank you for buying from me.
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ty its welcome home by coheed and cambria

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btw could u donate some gold im going for serecilia pendant 2nd gen goal is 450k got 53k so far

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what item is the tree?

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thanks for the buy.O .O


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