Name: Ken
Age: 18
Status: Single.
A little about me, I love my pc, i am an avid gamer and am pretty good if i have to say so myself. I am told I'm fun to hang out with espcially when playing a game. I have many friends, most of them i met online. I am always on skype and steam. well, i guess that's all you need to know about me. Enjoy the music its, Warriors by Imagine dragons.
Favorite Bands: Gorrillaz, Macklemore, Phoenix, Imagine Dragons, The Killers, and Awolnation.


Ohaider little lady, me and Ken's bromance is like no other.
We do a lot for each other and share things like no other man would Bl (p***s sizes no no I'm jk or am I o w o). Well this guy is a wonderful friend and he's a really funny dude when you get to know him better. He always puts himself down but that's when his friends come in to give him a helping hand, and we'll always be here to do that for him. Including me o ^ o
~Richard heart