Info yo. 8P

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Sabre10159 Report | 04/12/2017 2:10 pm
Hey! It really has been a long time. I was just randomly taking a peek to see how much the site has changed in the past few years and i saw the comment you left on my profile. Just wanted to see how life is treating you, i hope things are well smile heart
UHA Gamekid Report | 08/03/2012 2:03 am
UHA Gamekid
I like your avi gave it a 5 in the costume contest and despite what everyone was saying your hair goes just fine with the outfit.
Sinacious Report | 03/24/2012 1:51 am
You still log in to this site? Nerd.
MeowsicNote Report | 01/16/2012 9:35 am
Hey :] Nice avi! :]
Johnny Fappleseed Report | 09/12/2011 5:35 pm
Johnny Fappleseed
Thanks for buying!
Kontan Chi Report | 08/28/2011 10:50 pm
Kontan Chi
Thanks for the gold ~
Sabre10159 Report | 08/28/2011 9:33 am
Oh thats really great that youre getting better though <3 Ive been good, just moved into my dorm, classes start up tomorrow, so im excited, ill finally have something to do besides sit around all day >.< Are you still in the hospital/rehab or are you out now?
Kontan Chi Report | 08/28/2011 8:58 am
Kontan Chi
Sabre10159 Report | 08/13/2011 12:52 pm
Oh no, what are you in the hospital for? Are you ok?
Sabre10159 Report | 07/28/2011 2:44 pm
Her names Mia, but I call her Mimi (eventhough its longer, idk why, im just weird I guess lol)
Hows your day going?

O . G .

OG Zeaga's avatar

Last Login: 11/17/2017 5:26 pm

Registered: 03/30/2005

Gender: Male

Location: Right behind ya

Birthday: 06/01

Personal Website



[Name]: Mel
[Nickname]: Ace/Trip
[Sex]: Male
[Status]: Single, and lovin' it!
[Orientation]: Straight
[Body type]: 5' 9" / Athletic
[Zodiac Sign]: Gemini
[Children]: Someday
[Occupation]: Signal Support Systems Specialist, for the US Army. Sounds so cool. (:


#1: V-games, Playing v-games, Talking about v-games, Art, Reading, Writting, Drawing, Dragons, Mythology, Playing on the computer, Gaia, Message boards, RP's, Magic, Music, Movies, Going to the movies, Hanging out with friends, Partys, Swimming, Showers, The smell of nicely washed hair, And much, much more.

More info:

Aight...You really want to know me?
Well here it is.
I'm Mel.
My nickname is Ace/Trip.
Ah...You want more info?
Well I'll lay more down for you.
I like to eat. Food is like my fourth love.
Dragons are my third, and playing video games is my second.
My first love, is my friends. <3
Much love. ^^
I usually don't speak unless spoken to.
I'm not really judgemental. So I get along well with alot of people.
Do you like pie?
I like pie.
I also like alot of thngs.
If you want to know what they are. Just ask. You may enjoy it. (:
I'm out.
Love ya, peace. <3

P.S.: Leave a comment, sucka.


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A journal? W.T.F.

Siggy. :3

Keep it simple. ^ - ^
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OG Zeaga
New World Fool

Yo. 8)

Lifes ripple in the water.

I looked into the water,
And seen your face.
Distorted it may be,
But that's lifes true fate.

To show us only pieces.
So we may choose our own.
As the flame flickers,
But is snuffed by the cold.

Our destiny may waver.
In every which direction.
As I do see,
In this here reflection.

A tide,
a ripple in the water.
As does life,
Can fade and falter.

The watcher.

I sit here, watching the clock.
Where did the hour hand go?
Time has stoped.
With wide eye, and content sight.
I hope for the hand to appear.
To kill my plight.
How do I mend time?
So I may move on.
Show me my future.
I don't wish to be gone.

Elemetal balance.

A memory burned into the flesh,
the flame (scared)

A song of destiny plays in the mind,
the wind (whisper)

A winding path to follow,
the earth (choice)

A wave to sweep away our ailments,
the water (recovery)

A protector of life,
the elements (balance)

If only you knew:

The cruelty of an untold heart.

Can diminish ones body and soul into a desolate abyss of regret.

Arlen! What are you doin' way over there?

I heard there was pie over here!

Pie!? o_o

Yes! Pie!