First and more most, I would like to mention that I'm NOT actually a Twilight fan. So unless you Twilight fans have a sense of humor I would prefer if you DIDN'T add me.

I'm roleplaying Jasper for the mere fun of it with the rest of Official Twilight character community. They too, either like it and have a great sense of humor, use to like it but don't anymore, or never did like it. We're all doing it for fun and we're not doing it to personally attack the fans, but the series itself.

I never did like Twilight and I'm never going to like Twilight. I did however, read ALL of the books and I WILL read the new one when I get the chance. So no. I'm not a low-life antard. I know my s**t and I call out exactly why I hate the series.
I do live with a die hard fan part time, we get along great. I love her, but not her interest for Twilight. I wont deny potential friendship over a series.

Post Script. Don't add me if you're illiterate. That is all...