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.:Still unfairly banned:.


Bisexual and DAMN proud.

You'll never understand me. I'm too complex...so here, it's as close as I can come to explaining.

I'm your trust and your doubt
Quiet as a whisper, loud as a shout
Pain and I'm pleasure
I'm worthless buried treasure
I'm sin and redemption wrapped into one
Dark as the night and as bright as the sun.
I'm the beginning of time
I'm the end of the line.
I'm a pleasent nightmare
I cannot love but I care
I'm praise and I'm scorn
I'm whole while I'm torn
I'm an illusion, an act
I'm everything you lack
I'm a perfect mistake
See through and fake
I'm invisable, a dream
The most real thing you've ever seen
I'm here after I leave
I'm only make-believe
I'm never forgotten yet not recalled
I'll hold you up and let you fall
I'm black and I'm white
I'm peaceful and fight
I'm ruthless and kind
I'm stuck in your mind
I'm selfish and share
I'm never always fair
You can see, taste and touch
But sometimes never too much
I'm soft and I'm rough
More then pleanty, not enough
I'm laughter and tears
Your hopes and your fears
Holding you up while dragging you down
Giving you hope while making you frown
I'm a tease and a taunt
A master at the haunt
I'm souless and deep
A preview you can't keep
I'm intresting and dull
And empty and full
I'm the start of life, the moment of death
I'll keep you on edge and completely at rest
I'm a thoughtless imagination
Just an abstract creation
Always in sight, too far for perception
I'm both ends of the spectrum
I'm monochrome and rainbows
I'm the highs and the lows
I'm a neatly sorted mess
A submissive lioness
I'm gaurded and open
Big-mouthed and soft-spoken
I'm loved and despised
Alive yet I've died
I'm freezing and I'm hot
I am all I'm not
More then nothing
Less then something
I'm an agreeable opposition
Just a lovely contradiction
The wolf and the lamb,
Just mere pieces of who I am.

You'll never fully grasp all I hold inside.

I guess you could say I'm almost two people. = )


Hi, I'm Cascadia. Call me Cas, Cassy, whatever.

I'm female.

I'm pagan. That's the closest religion to what I believe in. Quick summary; multiple gods and goddesses, reincarnation, no heaven or hell, and no Satan. There really are no "evil" Gods or Goddesses, sure there are light and dark and all that, and some reside in the skies, while others reside in an underverse, but there really is no "good" or "evil". It's all about balance. Who are we to say what's right or wrong ?

Casual sex FTW!

I like to roleplay, with LITERATE people. I only use astriks when I'm messing around.

I. Hate. N00blarish. Please, try to be semi-lit.

I break people for fun. Always taking new slaves, or pets, just PM me.

I do NOT want to cyber with you. STOP ASKING. No, I will not change my mind. No, not even if I was drunk. Same thing for stoned. Don't be witty, or try to seduce me with humourous innuendo, I don't give a cred. And NO, not even if you pay me. Perverts.

I love my friends, I would kill for them.

Don't even start to talk about how humanity is evolving. Humans are all stupid. End of story.

I'm submissive, (( rarely)) and dominant at the same time. I'm extremely territorial. You've been warned.

I really like music. Just about anything from Rock to R&B to techno, the only thing so far I have problems with, Country, and Classical.

I have a habit of speaking in different languages, even if it's english. It just won't make sense. I've picked up thousands of speaking styles from books, fanfics, movies, etc. So if I randomly bust out with "Ugh you actually spent for that ? It's so not pretty-making, more of an ugly thing to get." Don't ignore it, thinking you'll look dumb if you ask. Just ask. "....yeah uhh...What ??" It's fine. I'll correct myself. Do it all the time.

Support the Wallrie. Goddamn Brit Nazis. Don't bother trying to understand this.

Add if I please.

"Strength was ebbing from her eyes, the flame that used to burn fiercely and defiant in her gaze slowly flickering out. She was dimming every time she came to him, wilting as a flower who feared spring would never come again. He wondered if she'd ever experienced a spring, even just one, and let the thought fall away as he closed his eyes, shutting out the inanimate broken doll with dead eyes, mocking a girl long gone."

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happy birthday!!!!!!!!!!!

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happy birthday

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hey, how are you?

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Aww thanks.. User Image I still need dancer cuffs and the dancer bottoms though.. then I'll be really sexy. But I've got a lot of gold to earn

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Omg Shoes,
Mannequin Slut

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Mannequin Slut

Haha, i love your sig.


Lets get some shoes.
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Hi Kevin. Thanks.

@Devoted: OoO NINJAZ! OHNOESES *does a barrel roll*

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sup. nice avi
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Merci everybody. ^_^


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