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agnaljoe Report | 10/04/2009 6:23 am

In Christian view, Salvation is very important for the believers. In Christian, which enough merely Christian, and which need accept to salvation for life after death.
There are many kind of salvation. But, among many kinds, I would like to write any. There are ; (I) THE CONCEPT OF SALVATION: In Old testament and In the New Testament (II) GOD’S PLANS OF SALVATION: (a) God’s Grace and calling (b) God’s election(III) TO NEED THE FOURTH STEP OF SALVATION (a) Conversion (b)Justification (c)Regeneration and (d) Sanctification.


The English term used in salvation is derived from lat-salvare,”to save,” and salus, “health,” help,” and translates Hebrew (y s u a ) and cognotes( “breadth,” “ease,” “safety,” )and Greek soteria and cognates “cure,” “recovery,” “redemption,” “
remedy,” “rescue,” “welfare,”. It means the action or result of deliverance or preservation from danger or disease, implying safety, health, and prosperity.
In the Bible the word “salvation” is not necessarily a technical theological term, but simply denotes “deliverance” from almost any kind of evil, whether material or spiritual. Theologically, however, it denotes(1) the whole process by which man is delivered from will that interferes with the enjoyment of God’s highest blessing (2) the actual enjoyment of those blessing.
The root idea in salvation is deliverance from some danger or evil. This deliverance may be from defeat in battle(Ex 15:2), trouble (Psalm 34:6) Enemies (IIsam 3:10), Violence (IIsam22:3), Reproach (Psalm 57:3), Exile (Psalm 106:47), Death (Pslm6:4), Sin( Ezek 36:29).
“Salvation,” “Save,” and “Savior” are words of frequent occurrence throughout the Bible, especially the verb “ to save.” They range in meaning from the most ordinary, everyday or secdular sense to the most profoundly theological and religious, the context alone enables us to determine the sense, as in so many biblical instances of everyday words and phrases which have came into technical theological usage.


In Old Testament

In the Old Testament the salvation of Israel is already assured, for it was achieved at the Exodus from Egypt and ratified by the everlasting covenant which God made with Moses on Mount Sinai. According to the teaching of the Prophets, God’s act of salvation at the Red Sea was active in the history of Israel; it was a continuing redemption, delivering God’s people from Assyrian an invasion or Babylonian Exile, and it would be consummated in the final redemption of God’s people at the end of the age, the day of the creation of new heavens and a new earth. It is especially in the prophecy of the Deutro Isaiah that this doctrine is most fully developed and clearly expressed.
The prophetic emphasis on the need of inward transformation underlined the radical nature of man’s wrongdoing and led to the foretelling of an apocalyptic, messianic salvation when God, according to His convent promise, would, as a just God and a saviour, Himself came in salvation (Isa xiv 17, Denial vii 13f). The Old Testament doctrine of salvation reaches its Zenith in the portray of the suffering servant (e.g. Isa iii) : in this respect the )T sets the scene for and adumbrates, the NT salvation.
Old Testament salvation has both man-word and God-word aspects; man is in danger from disease, physical calamity, persecution from his foes, and death, in the community of God’s chosen people captivity is the experience from which deliverance is needed, and the ideals of salvation are mainly eudemonistic and earthbound. The deeper danger is the one in which individuals and communities stand before God, whose will they have transgressed and whose ill-favour they have incurred. Means of salvation, direct and indirect, one provided in this context through Patriarch, Judge, law giver, Priest, King and Prophet.
In the OT,
agnaljoe Report | 09/28/2009 2:58 am
I want to know what's hidden
Underneath your deceiving veil
Through your sarcasm
Pushing aside that seemingly arrogance.
I want to go up and over the mountain.
You seem so apathetic, emotionless as a rock
But every now and then,
When you think no one's watching,
I see sorrowful face, sentimental, contrite
A glimpse of true emotion
A fragment of a real expression
A glance of hope.
How I cherish these seldom sights.
And by these I know you must feel
The most. To cover up your feelings
Is to have more feeling and sensitivity than exposing them.
Maybe you're insecure, afraid
Upon a discovery of your true feelings.
So I wonder this,
I try to solve the puzzle,
Decode your complicated actions
Hack into your complex mind workings,
But at the very most, gain your trust.
I want to know your sensitive side,
I want to know there's something there.
I want to feel connected to you
By knowing your interior
Thus understanding your exterior.
How can you gain anyone's trust
If you only display sarcasm.
Sarcasm is empty, meaningless
A sublime concealment.
Under the rippling thrashing waves,
There is calmness and delicacy. ...
agnaljoe Report | 09/13/2009 11:58 pm
hi iam back hot hotes gays
marie14a21942 Report | 02/20/2008 7:08 am
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Me Me Ru Report | 08/28/2007 3:19 pm
kiyoshi_romance Report | 04/21/2007 6:44 am
been a while.
idk if you remember me though!?
Me Me Ru Report | 04/12/2007 5:53 am
do u draw anime
Me Me Ru Report | 04/12/2007 4:01 am
ToS Hacker-programing Report | 04/07/2007 7:06 pm
hi hi hi wat u been up 2?
Me Me Ru Report | 04/06/2007 2:35 pm


Ahmmmm im verry sweet, handsome, like an artist hehehehehe...

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