lets see if i can explain myself to you in a brief paragraph. well, im 14. born may 24th 1994, I'm a Freshman, haha yeah, its fun. I'm single, and i'm not ready for a relationship, I don't want to be breaking any hearts, or get heartbroken. It's not like me. I'm just going with the flow right now, i though i wanted a long serious relationship, but i just got out of one, and i'm definately not ready for another. Basically, haha, I'm staying single for a while. Anyways, Im hella laid back, and for me the funnest thing to do is just hang out with friends. i can be the most open person ever, only if i have a gut feeling i can trust you. i like the people who are just themselves, theres no point in trying to act like someone else. music is one of the most important things in my life. i'm a great drum player but i could improve. my dads the most amazing person in the world and i look up to him in every single way, following his footsteps would be an honor and a pleasure. i have a religion i just dont pay attention to it. i love all types of music except country, rap and jazz. i'm hoping my career will be somewhat music related. i stick up for myself and my friends, im not a p***y even if the guys huge and older then me, im not really afraid of anything. not sticking up for myself or friends is weaker then getting your a** kicked. don't hurt my friends, because i don't tolerate that very well. I'm a thinker kinda person, i generally think alot. I don't settle for less, i know it sounds rude, but your life only goes one direction, settling for less only slows you down and gets you know where. You should talk to me, but i hate the drama some of you people carry around with you, so if you've got that, just dont waste my time. Don't get me wrong, im generally a nice person =]


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king pimp!

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neeb lmao


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