Lots of people call me OB just because why not.

A few things about me -

I absolutely do not like it when people lie to me, or undercut me, if you get on my bad side, understand this, its extremely hard to do that but when you get there, you'll want to make things right again as fast as possible.

I'm an extremely nice guy, I'm not one to start fights, cause drama, or even do bad things(To my knowledge at least... everyone has their opinions...)

I sell everything as much as I can near Average buy price, I don't like the idea of hoarding(Without using the items...) or inflating prices to the point where nobody can buy.... e.g. item goes for 10k plat and only 5 listings are there, 3 get bought up within 4 days and now the listings are going for 100 million plat... like common guys... this is the reason why gaia barely has anyone on anymore, people can't afford to customize their avatars and share with others. (My two cents)

If you want to chat more with me, just add me on discord - Oblivion Unbound#4439

also... if you do me right, I'll do you right, but if you do me wrong, just make it right again, things can be forgiven if your truly seeking forgiveness.