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I live in the country. I have a dog and some cats. My family has 4 horses. I know how to ride them. I love to swim, There's a awesome creek in my backyard that has a rope swing and its the perfect place to sneak out and do what ever you want.


Okay.. So let's get this straight. I'm crazy, stupid but yet brilliant, blonde, confused, wild, silly, happy, caring, generous, mature, hopeful, loving, strong, and I'll always be there for you no matter what it is. I'm a positive person that people just like to be around and love me for it. I'm one of those rare people that do care about whats making you upset and why and who the hell did that so I can go yell at them. I also listen and care about what your telling me. I give my own opinion and I'm not afraid to do it. I'm very open minded and understanding. I'm also one of a kind and you can never replace me so hold on tight. I'm different... but in a good way and people like me more because of how I'm different. I tend to be outgoing and I do what I want to do and you can't force me otherwise.

Fact's about me:

My name is Avalon.

My absolute favorite color is Hot pink. (Dislikes any other shade of pink very much)

My favorite number is 23 and it's been so for 10 years now

I'm a vegetarian so I eat no meat what so ever and I choose not to (I will not kill an innocent animal and you can't make me)


OBBY Avalon

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Birthday: 06/12


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