The lady I am in love with is
entirely flawless.

But we're not together; I'm okay with it,
up until the point where some other man breaks
her sweet little heart.

My name is John.
Where I live is none of your business.
I am 13 years old.
I have enough true feelings to be a teenage girl.
I HATE football,
yet I am in love with soccer.
I am in love with a lot of things.
But soccer is on the top of the list.
I am currently single,
and keeping it that way for a bit.
I've been broken too many times to forget.
I love my life,
although it does have it's many downfalls.
My dad doesn't like me.
My mom's never home.
I homeschool myself.
I used to cut,
but then stopped after an eye opening event.
I am sometimes a very serious person.
I use big words occasionally.
(Don't be appalled.)
I can also be very hyperactive.
Friends IRL/on Gaia:
never_gonna_be_perfect-BFF/ ex girlfriend.
TheGreatCole-Friends since 2nd grade.
Dmitri_Your_Love-Friends for as long as I can recall.
OMG its mr nugget-Pervish friend I couldn't live without.
Tigcat2-Friend of Emma's/one of my good friends.

Anything else?No?

THEN GO THE ******** AWAY~

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u luz mah spongebob ... or u face mah wrath ...... <.

Me, and my girlfriend Emma Rose

love me or hate me,
baby,i tell ya,

I love you.

I never really stopped.

You're always on my mind.

You're always in my concerns.

I never wanted to hurt you..

But I guess it's just a guy thing.

I'd always said:

"He hurts you?You tell me."

But what happens when I hurt you?

Who's here to tell me what I did wrong?

I didn't ever want to do this..

And don't ever forget I love you..

But I gotta go now..


it's a funny word.