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I'm NOT Hong Ki, or a super stalker, so I won't know EVERYTHING about him.
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Name: 이홍기 Lee Hong Ki 李弘基
Nickname: Hongstar / Lovable Revolting Kid
HongKi is a vocalist of the group F.T. Island, as well as an actor.
His talent Agency is F&C Music. Lee Hong Ki was born on March 2, 1990, placing him under astrological sign of the fish, Pisces.
He is 178cm in height and weighs 60kg. His blood type is AB.

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He likes Singing, Listening to Music, Football, PC games, Cooking.
His Family consists of his Parents, himself, and his Younger Sister.
Ideal person: A childish girl.

Random Facts

♡ Hong ki got an acting role when he met a man at a fashion show (his uncle was a fashion model)

♡ When he was young, his dreams were to be a police officer and an actor

♡ Previously had a girlfriend who was 2 years older than him

♡ He has Dated a Celebrity before

♡ He used to fart during practice

♡ He had braces

♡ He wore tights during his school graduation

♡ He is short sighted

♡ He is a cam-whore

♡ He used to skip meals for practice

♡ He can beat box

♡ He to be a radio DJ

♡ He makes a relaxing environment when present

♡ He HATES capsicum, a chemical in peppers

♡ Fave Japanese word is pekopeko (I'm Hungry/starving)

♡ He can cook

♡ He is self-conscious when he makes mistakes when recording

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