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________________________________Note this is my first time doing a 'girly' profile

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*~CupKakes_r Uglii MuFfinz~*

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Hacks Prt. 2 <3

Aloha, allo, konichiwa, ni hao, kumusta~ This is Daphne hacking my asian sister & half heart, Jasmine. <3 I love this girl to death and I don't plan on losing her ever. Jasmine is a sweet heart and cares a lot, she is very kind (unless you annoy her and piss her off, just to let you know.. She will go ninjuh on you!), and she is very intelligent, most of the time she gives me advice on mistakes and fixes them for me. I have Jasmine's back and I have hers forever. She is my L O V E! Jasmine is a very important girl I don't know what I would do without her. Wo ai ni, mahal na mahal kita, te amo, I love you. xoxo, -Daphne


Ask first, maybe I'll give you a hint>;O

Let's Learn Some Fun Facts About Jasiy

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☆ Im a January baby 25th. Which makes me a Aquarius ,The best sign there is ;D ( j/k)
☆Likes to read when feeling extremely bored

☆Feels that everyone should be treated the exact same

☆Loves to role play in groups
(Semi Literate To Literate only D: )
☆She's very attracted to all things kawaii

☆Not a very girly girl,pink doesnt usually suit her,but she likes trying new things.
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☆Favorite color of all time is purple and lime along with lightblue. Purple will always be her number one though ( :
☆Is really shy around strangers,but can be really outgoing around those she knows. Oh you know the story ;D

☆Thinks that strawberry is the best flavor thats could exist.

☆She also believes that if you try your best that you will accomplish your goal. <3

☆Her favorite type of music to listen to is j-pop,k-pop and hip hop. C: But she can jamm to anything.(ANYTHING)


H a c k s

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This your girl luna hacking my secret lover jas. This bi-racial besh is the best girl you could ever meet in your life. She's always the smart and logical one in the group and always knows the right thing to say to me when im down.She values the little things in life and that one reason i love her so fxcking much. <3 Get to know this girl,you will never regret it. ~Luna a.k.a X_LunaPocky.
~ ★ ~

Heyya~ This is chinese-rific Luci here, giving a friendly hack to my bestie Jasming. What can I say?Hm..I'm glad to ever have came in path with this woman.I can't believe how much she stuck by my side when times got really bad. I'm so glad I got to know you jasmine. I remember the time in middle school when that girl was picking on me and you the quietest girl of the whole class stood up and told her to go away for me. Though she never did with out arguement,you still were there for me. You always find a calm way to resolve things and with that u somehow got that 'bully' to leave me alone. <3 I heart you so much jas.

~ ★ ~

Hey,Um..This is Kenji, sending a hack to the lovely jasiycakes. Well first off, I want to say that being friends with you is one of the best things that could have happened to me Jas. Of all people you first came up to me,the asian guy who was always seemingly lazy and loner. You politely introduced yourself and day after day you slowly made your way into my zone. Hah,I remember telling you that I didn't need any friends to bring me down and that I was fine being alone,And you told me"Kenji, you and I both know that it isn't friends that are bringing you down but it's your own self that's making gravity more than it seems.(or something along those lines)" But what I remember most was the smile you gave me that day..The most angelic,warm smile that anyone had given me in a long time. Thanks jas,for just being my friend. : ) ~*Kenji a.k.a x_TechnoPanda

~ ★ ~


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およそ ジャスミン||


Well there's not much to say about me.I'm your typical teenage girl that likes to hangout online with friends and chat it up 24/7. Though in real life I'm classified as the shy type and that girl that sit in the back of the class.(My favorite spot:view entire room;Lol)But with close friends im pretty. .outgoing.Im the type of girl that can hang with any type of crowd.I've got the blood of an american,hawaiian,hispanic and asian flowing within the veins of my fragile body. I guess you can call me a mixed butterfly.( :

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