Ask me no questions and I shall tell ye no lies.

I'm not really interesting...but if you insist:

I'm really interested in Anime, Manga, Music, Theatre, Artsy stuff...
I go to Anime Boston every year!
I'm 16 and only 5'.
I have gold eyes and wear cat ears a lot.
I have a puppy named Morgan.
My birthday is May 21.
I'm really into the 80s!

There we go. The basics are done...

I'm obsessed with musicals on Broadway.
-The Phantom of the Opera
-Dirty Rotten Scoundrels
-The Lion King
Just to name my favorites.

I love to sing, that kind goes with the whole Musical/Broadway obsession.

I really really really wanna
-be on Broadway...
-meet/date Drew Sarich
-meet Hugh Panaro
-ask Drew what it's like making out with Hugh


-meet Norbert Leo Butz
-meet Idina Menzel
-meet/date David Ayers (haha)

o.o That's the important stuff. ^_^


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Report | 12/28/2006 12:49 pm


give me a dollars..lots of dollars!!!
Captain Hamm

Report | 12/28/2006 10:46 am

Captain Hamm

there are few who deny at what I do I am the best
for my talents are renowned far and wide
when it comes to surprises in the moonlight night
I excel without ever even trying
with the slightest little effort of my ghost like charms
I have seen grown men give out a shriek
with a wave of my hand and a well placed moan
I have swept the very bravest off their feet
yet year after year it's the same routine
and I grow so weary of the sound of screams
and I Jack the pumpkin king
have grown so tired of the same old thing
Sugoi Shoujo

Report | 11/25/2006 8:22 am

Sugoi Shoujo

hey! you finally agree with me that you have golden eyes!!!!

xD and YOU LIED!!! YOU'RE NOT 5'

YOU'RE 4'11"!!!!!

nice try. xD
Sugoi Shounen

Report | 10/20/2006 4:32 pm

Sugoi Shounen


lawlz. hi.
Sugoi Shounen

Report | 10/18/2006 3:05 pm

Sugoi Shounen

lub a dub dub there's a fish in that thar tub!!! <3

Report | 10/01/2006 3:15 pm


hi lovin the profile it so romantic!

Report | 07/09/2006 4:15 pm


Hi!!!!!!!!!! I 'm also into Wicked and my dream is to one day be on Broadway!!!!!! Idina Menzel rocks and I wish I could have ssen her in Wicked!!!!!!!!!!! smile
Sugoi Shounen

Report | 06/27/2006 1:45 pm

Sugoi Shounen

your face is a lova.
Dark Wing_Angel of Light

Report | 06/16/2006 10:40 am

Dark Wing_Angel of Light

i like ur profile!! blaugh

Report | 04/09/2006 5:22 pm


O.G. = Original Gangster


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