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Name: Snoopy, or my online name, Ren.
Birthday: October 1991
Nationality : Canadian! ^^
Ethnicity: Azn. =)
Location: Canada, BC
Listens to Metal/rock alternative, Old 90's Rock alternatives, Kpop (edgy rap groups. no cutesy stuff), few random mainstream songs from the radio.

I went on hiatus around may 2008. I logged in on 2010 briefly. I thought I will only be on hiatus but I ended up quitting. Jan 2015 I came back and lost half my inventory in the locked/safety inventory thing. Not nice. Questing all my items back which includes a lot of commons and monthly collectible 04-08 items.

People that have donated to me since Jan 2015:
| S O U L S | -10,000,000,000
Splash Seal -White bunny Slippers
Rinioa-Black fancy long shirt
Sweet-Mocha-Tea 1,000,000,000
An anonymous benefactor-Progeny Daedalus' Revolt (whoever you are, THANKS crying
Hundredzz - Black Chyaku Norisu Scarf
Malhal- Lavender Floral Apron & Red Woven One Piece Swimsuit
yuana yo- Spirited 2k14 Santa Hat
Skeletubbie- Bunch of random items
Chalcolithic- Item (I forgot what it was sorry)
Babe With The Power- Antique Regicidio
[Irony]-Generous Fall Groom +Adelpha's Courage
Nixra576-Cecilia's Circlet

Little Mistress Codex -1,000,000,000
Beloved Waltz- 18billion + Angelic Cape Amethyst Halo
ZOMBiiFiCATiON - Little Lucie 2nd Gen. + Winged Altum

Thank you! emotion_bigheart emotion_kirakira

Old quest thread.
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User Image

Hiatus on 2008. Back on Jan 2015.

Questing: Hair (In wishlist)



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xXbreathless_sinxX Report | 03/10/2015 9:13 pm
so you are assuming that you are naturally cute with those fake titties
xXbreathless_sinxX Report | 03/10/2015 7:05 pm
at least mines are real. emotion_c8
xXbreathless_sinxX Report | 03/08/2015 9:28 pm
how so
xXbreathless_sinxX Report | 03/07/2015 2:27 am
cool avi
xXbreathless_sinxX Report | 03/06/2015 12:43 pm
interesting.. it didn't even worth 200k. so I gave it to you. :3
Nixra576 Report | 02/20/2015 1:12 pm
Oh it's no problem dearie~ smile
splashseal Report | 01/29/2015 11:32 pm
I'm happy to hear that you are doing alright! That is too bad about the weather; we should totally switch ours, lol. Do you have anything fun planned for the weekend?
splashseal Report | 01/29/2015 11:03 pm
No worries about the drawing; I'd still like to see your work sometime, though. smile

How have you been? I hope it hasn't been too cold up there lately. It's been overcast and I really want it to rain!
xXbreathless_sinxX Report | 01/28/2015 9:11 pm
emotion_omnomnom scream
xXbreathless_sinxX Report | 01/27/2015 2:29 pm