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RAWRlovesSAUR Report | 09/14/2011 6:22 pm
haha yes im still on here lol...i have a baby now his name is devan-caleb yes he has 2 first names lol. i had him 01-01-11. damn i miss you so much. im trying to get my besties house just gotta talk to her dad about it & when i do u should come visit me. it would be so great to see u again. u should add me on fb if u have one...
RAWRlovesSAUR Report | 07/08/2009 6:40 pm
yes! yes! im so excited to have u on here hehe i mean damn now there is no possible way to go another 4 yrs without talking hehe. i can't wait to visit back in hubert...i miss you so much. i love that i have my old best friend back sheesh it's been like forever & still we r both that same person. hell yes indeed we r. well shyt i hope we get to talk again tonight & catch up =) love u babe
Maxx VS The World Report | 12/31/2008 9:21 pm
Happy New Year!!!XD
Jessa Day Report | 08/03/2008 10:22 am
Sorry for the spontaneous call. XD Yeah we should hang. With Linny too. I know how you've been wanting to do that too. :3 I'm staying with her for a week (the 9th to the 16th of August), so we should definitely do it around then. User Image & blah, I don't have text. :< Will you be available during those dates? (That's like two weeks from now.) I know you said you're going up to New York...I just don't remember when you'll be back. D:

Jessa Day Report | 07/18/2008 4:56 pm
Goodness. It's been awhile since your last comment on here! Anyway, just thought I'd drop by and let you know I'm a little bit active again. Not too active though. XD We were suppose to hang out this summer. D: I got a full time job though. ._. Blah~. Ah, and you must tell me about this past Halloween's event. I missed it, as well as a year's worth of events. < <; *laughs*
Peasant413 Report | 03/11/2008 12:19 pm
You are very pretty. User Image
Shy Yukii Report | 01/01/2008 5:59 pm
happy new years
Aries Queen Of Opals Report | 07/20/2007 6:41 pm
awww thanks ae!!! User Image User Image
kunoichi_no_buyu Report | 07/16/2007 11:07 pm
ooooh, vegan protester girls? They wouldn't practice gung fu and/or refuse to shave body hair by any chance? Well, if so,you know where to send' em, right? I'm just another poor little lost wild animal beastie who is in needs needs o' a bit of TLC. Oh, and i do regret the distance,M'lady. I'm only vaguely familiar with yoga and pilates, but I'd be happy to teach you the more vicious kickboxing methods if you would have liked. Girls learn better than guys. They get more of a viscious edge in life/death situations that works well with that art. Well,anytime you need more hugs ,remember where to find me.
Zhe Mule Report | 07/13/2007 1:32 am
you're on my profile!


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Love is very fragile, like a baby.
Love can be wonderous and tragic.
Love is a great thing, you can go around and tell everyone.
But when you love someone who you know doesn't care, Love is pure hell.

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[R.I.P. Richard Mazzeo. My best friend, A Total Dork biggrin Your memory will live on. Gone but NEVER forgotten. Love ya man.]
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Me and my friend saw a platypus
Me and my friend made a comic book
And guess how long it took
I can do anything that I want cuz, look:""