ThInGs AbOuT KaTsUnAmE



mwahahahahaha Kami.exe = caleb

1. Your Name: Nyoko
2. Any Nicknames?: Nyo
3. Sex?: female
4. Birthday?: Aug 16
5. Age?: 18
6. Zodiac Sign?: leo
7. Place of Birth?: Conneticut
8. Current Residence?: Japan
9. Hair colour?: auburn with platinum bangs
10. Eye colour?: Green
11. Height?: 5'7"
12. Favored Hand?: Right handed
13. Do You Bite Your Nails: nope
14. Do You Cook?: Yes all the time
15. How Often Do You Shower/Bathe?: twice a day
16. Do You Swear?: I have a trucker mouth
17. Do You Use An Alarm Clock?: yes
18. Name One Thing Or Person You're Obsessed With: Anime and manga and inuyasha and x-men
19. Do You Snore?: not that I know of
20. Do You Talk In Your Sleep?: I don?t think so
21. Do You Sleep With A Stuffed Animal?: yes my sessy plushie
22. Favorite food?: sushi
23. Favorate color(s)?: hot pink neon green and black
24. What would you like as a b-day gift?: ummm a playstation 2 so I can play ddr
25. who's your best friend?: ummm?.. malonami28

A - Act Your Age?: I act more mature
B - Born On What Day of the Week?: wenseday
C - Chore You Hate?: all of them
D - Dad's Name?: Paul
E - Essential Makeup Item?: liquid eyeliner
F - Favorite actor?: Hugh Jackman
G - Gold or Silver?: silver
H - Hometown?: don?t know it
J - Job Title?: don?t have one
K - Kids?: ill adopt
L - Living Arrangements?: Apartment with my cousin
M - Mom's Name?: Valerie
N - Number Of People You've Slept With?: none
O - Overnight Hospital Stays?: just while I was a baby
P - Phobia?: spiders
Q - Quote You Like?: "the world is going to hell and you stand there like a statue? Logan from x-men 3
R - Religious Affiliation?: wiccan
S - Siblings?: 2 older brothers live in the states
T - Time You Wake Up?: 5:30 am
U - Unique Habit?: i say ?that?s amazing!!? a lot
V - Vegetable You Refuse To Eat?: Mushrooms, Cauliflower, spinach, cabbage, and peppers
W - Worst Habit?: smoking cigs
X - X-rays You've Had?: on both my ankles when I broke them
Y - Yummy Food You Make?: my best food is my sushi rolls
Z - Zodiac Sign?: Leo

//07 things that annoy you:
1) repeat questions on surveys
2) mean people
3) my parents
4) when I wake up with a song I hate stuck in my head
5) pistachio shells with no crack to pop them open
6) people who think they are the sh*t
7) people driving buy at 2 am bumping their music

//03 movies you could watch over and over again:
Only 3!? O______O;;
1) x-men 3
2) Any Miyazaki film
3) memoirs of a geisha