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yooooooooo wats up nyo =P
msu11 Report | 05/01/2009 10:58 pm
you see when afro styles was a lad he was always rambuncious. he would romp around all the day long. when he became of age he joined the military. after which he was suffering from a deep deep spiraling depression. eventually he bucked up and joined the peace corp for the bloodshed he witnessed in war was too much for his febble will. here in the peace corp (in africa) he was noted for treating a rare and elusive disese known as monophyllia in small herds of purple back mountain gorillas. he was picked by italians when he was on a hike and had lost his way. all he had were his wits and his drinking flask. they took him in as their own. eventually it was revealed to him that they were the mob. he joined knowing that he had trust in these fellows. he wrongly doing left and right when he was picked up by the cops for public indecency. it was here where he met his friend and mentor rick schmittzerstein. schmittzerstein also in trouble for public indecency led him down the right path to justice. he protected taught and occasionly gave him an extra muffin. styles eventually seeing the error of his ways became the prison gourmet chef. he could bake, batter, beat, blanch, boil, caramelize, chop combine, cool, cream, and sometimes mostly never rarely crimp. he was realeased from his solitary confinement and prison at that for his good behavior. here he vowed to never return. to keep himself off the streets he busied himself by building model airplanes. though eventually he grew tiresome of this and wanted more frome this airplane aspiration. so he went to yale to learn airplane mechanics. he got a job at the minnesota institution for the advanced airplane mechanics. he built many a dream flyers. though yet again he tired of this and wanted more. so he learned to fly the planes that he had built. he could fly the most rebellious of planes though as expected he grew bored of this profession. so he went into the leg modeling career. he had the most beautiful legs. some of his nicknames included: sugar legs, stanky legs, legtastic, the leg, and the most popular one legmatic. he traveled the world far and wide showing the legs that sky rocketed his profession. though he became lonesome and wanted to find love. so he tried internet dating. this proved to be a futile attempt. then he met the woman of his dream greta styles. she was very beautiful. with her he spawned 17 of his own children: Charlie, Ben, D'antoine, Arabooscus, Sarah, Claire, Sheila, Shenequa, Leroy, Stanroy, Frank, Roop, Travis, T'nasty, Buzz, Ike, and Persephone. he decided to settle down and find a home in the woods so his children could run willy nilly as he once did. With his wife great and his 17 children he was never to be lonesome again. This is the story of the great and wonderous Afro Styles. I guess the moral of the story is you may have everything you ever wanted but if there is nobody to share it with then you really have nothing. learn from Afro Styles and live a better life today.
swoozkid Report | 04/05/2009 5:13 pm
oh ok yello then =)
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yooo wats up nyoooo x] how have u been
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oh thats cool =D
swoozkid Report | 01/23/2009 3:12 pm
how r u ^_^
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tap the gorillaUser Image

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swoozkid Report | 12/31/2008 12:41 pm
ok i did o_o

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