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"You [b:44e432c788]see[/b:44e432c788], but you do not [b:44e432c788]observe[/b:44e432c788]"[i:44e432c788]Sherlock[/color:44e432c788][/i:44e432c788]
"[b:44e432c788]Bowties[/b:44e432c788] are [b:44e432c788]cool![/b:44e432c788]"[i:44e432c788]Doctor Who[/color:44e432c788][/i:44e432c788]
"May the [b:44e432c788]odds[/b:44e432c788] be ever in your [b:44e432c788]favor![/b:44e432c788]"[i:44e432c788]The Hunger Games[/color:44e432c788][/i:44e432c788]
"He's the boy who [b:44e432c788]lived[/b:44e432c788]"[i:44e432c788]Harry Potter[/color:44e432c788][/i:44e432c788]
"How about an [b:44e432c788]adventure?[/b:44e432c788]"[i:44e432c788]Lord of the Rings (The Hobbit)[/color:44e432c788][/i:44e432c788][/size:44e432c788][/align:44e432c788]



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I'm workin my way through High School in Indiana (Go Hoosiers! lol) . Love country, rock, and most anything on the radio. I can read until the world ends (love it), and no idea what I'm gonna do after High School. (If I'm still alive by then...) I swim, run cross country, play softball, swim, play soccer, volleyball, swim, work with stage crew... and swim. (fellow swimmers... you understand.)
Class of 2015!

PS- bow ties are cool ;D