Lets see....

I am 6'2.

My fave color is blue.

I love BMX Freestyle, Snowboarding, Soccer, Baseball, Basketball, Football, Skateboarding.

I am a very curious person when it comes to things that I do not know. (Meaning in a learning manner rather than nosey, just saying incase you get the wrong impression lol)

I love to draw, was a talent of mine since I was very little.

I love to make videos (sometimes AMVs) because it expresses myself, my feelings, and what images that can be portrayed in different manners.

I love to play video games, along with Dance Dance Revolution and World of Warcraft.

I love to learn and be busy with work ot make myself constructive.

I love to listen to a lot techno music, a lot of rock, and some hip hop.

I am an animal lover (Got quite a bit of dogs and cats)

I am outgoing at times, other times if I feel I sense something wrong, I react differently. (known fact)

I am excellent when it comes to computers as I can program and act fast with computer tasks.