Pleases call me K~ I'm 16, and reside in the U S of A. I would love to be from an Asian country, but we can't have everything we wish for (gee, I'm so patriotic, aren't I?).
My music taste has spread far and wide, covering now not only J-Rock, but also J-Pop and K-Pop as well.
I aspire to become the vocalist for a Visual Kei/Pop group. I know it might be a strange mixture, but I'm very interested in being able to combine the different genres.
Recently, I became super obsessed with the K-Pop groups BIGBANG and SHINee, and it wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that I've become a mindless fangirl. Needless to say, I love them a lot, and they're probably what has inspired me to want to pursue pop music along with rock.

Here's some information about me:
1. I LOVE BIGBANG~~~ ♥♥♥
2. I LOVE SHINee~~~ ♥♥♥
3. Someday, I want to learn Korean and Japanese.
4. It is my goal in life to meet all of the Asian musicians that I like and give them all hugs.
5. I HATE getting up early. Like, A LOT.
6. I don't like to go back and listen to music that I used to listen to because I don't like to feel nostalgic.
7. I'm really, incredibly lazy. Sometimes. Sometimes I get really weird and then I go on a cleaning spree. Don't ask questions.
8. I like food. A lot. (then why am I so skinny?)
9. If someone gave me $50, I would probably spend it all on food. OK, I lied. I think I would try to buy clothes, but if I didn't find something I liked, then I would buy food.
10. I'm very passionate about what I like.
11. If I disagree about something with someone, I will violently argue my side.
12. I like to dance like a fool when no one's around (except for my sisters when we have dance parties~ ♥). And at some point, I'd be interested in learning choreographed dancing.
13. But to be honest, I don't have the coordination to do choreographed dancing.
14. I can't stay up past midnight. Or, at least, I don't like to.
15. My music is my life. No joke. You should see me when a band I like disbands or goes on hiatus.
16. Singing is my passion.
17. I like it when people compliment me. Especially on my singing.
18. I enjoy being nice to people, even if they aren't nice to me.
19. I crave chocolate milkshakes. All the time. That, and tootsie rolls.
20. I wouldn't be able to survive without my family and friends, in particular my twin sister.
21. I like to draw.
22. I like to think that I'm OK at drawing.
23. Sometimes I feel like I'm really awkward. But maybe in a good way.
24. If I don't like something or someone, I tend to show/say it.
25. Laughing is my favorite pastime.
26. I like to have people listen to my music.
27. I like watching people's reactions when they listen to my music.
28. My music taste is pretty spread out. I mean, you don't find too many people that listen to DEATHGAZE, but also BIGBANG and 2NE1... right?
29. I ADORE anything cute.
30. I dislike being told I'm wrong. Unless I actually am wrong, in which case, I will gladly admit so. Actually, I lied.
31. I never thought I'd listen to K-Pop. But here I am.
32. iaufaiu bauitak,l awb iolanbh. (I like typing in gibberish.)
33. I'm really OCD about certain things. Like when there's a loose hair on someone's shirt. I just HAVE to pick it off...
34. I've taken a rather strong liking to SHINee's Key. ♥♥♥
35. It's one of my many dreams to be the girl called to the stage during a concert for a band/group/artist I like~
36. I love sweet, romantic songs. (such as Cotton Candy by Dae Sung and No Other by Super Junior)
37. I love conventional food, like french fries and chicken nuggets and that sort of thing. I don't know why.
38. I normally don't like inappropriate jokes, but sometimes I think they're funny. Only if they're not super inappropriate.
39. I'm very sensitive.
40. I HIGHLY dislike being bored.
41. I also dislike being forced to do things that I don't want to do.
42. My least favorite thing in the world is math(among other things).
43. I love seeing people do nice things for each other.
44. I would love to see/hear BIGBANG write/sing a sweet, romantic love song instead of a breakup song.
45. I LOVE the sound of heavy guitar. Contrastingly, I love a strong hip-hop beat. Strange, no?
46. I can't decide if I'd rather form/join a group/band in Japan or Korea.
47. I like being able to talk about myself to people who will listen.
48. I believe that people should stop hating on everything that they don't like.
49. I think I want to marry you if you bothered to read all of these facts about me.

My favorite music:
2NE1, Aldious, ALiBi, Ancestral, BIGBANG♥, DEATHGAZE, Denda Mao, F.T Island, Hilcrhyme, JURIAN BEAT CRISIS, Kaela Kimura, lynch., moumoon, NoGoD, Sadie, SHINee♥, SuG, Super Junior, supernova, UVERWORLD

So... that's me in a nutshell.


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I'm bored as well. I can't stand the constant boredom...but I've been alright.

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Same here An Cafe is amazing. O(≧∀≦)O It's would be so epic to see them live!!

so how have you been ? it's been a while since we've talked

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wait did you see an cafe live!?

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I've been pretty good, I just graduated in May from high school and am going to my college Orientation this week so I'll be ready this fall, I'm very excited, living on my own, interesting classes (hopefully) ect ect. How is your summer break going so far?

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Hey! Sorry It tool me so long to say anything my computer crashed and I took forever to get fixed, I remember when we met I can't believe it, it's been forever how are you?

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yea you can't beat the original >w<

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random comment but which is your fave of the nyappy songs? i love 2 and 4!
Hikaru Zynth

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Hikaru Zynth

Well you should! your the Almight Wonderful Super Awesome Kaeke-chan of BFC!
Hikaru Zynth

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Hikaru Zynth

Hey I figure I would pop in and slam my name some where in the Profile.....

BAM! You have been marked by your Advertiser Drake Shadows for BFC enjoy heh. Love ya boss
Shinigami Amaterasu

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Shinigami Amaterasu