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Gender: Female

Birthday: 03/09

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She hurts and she cries, but you can't see the depression in her eyes, because she just smiles.

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When the dark shroud covers my eyes,
When i am ready to say my final goodbyes,
When the voices in my head become a ringing,
When i fear what tomorrow will be bringing,
When i am so weary that i lay my head down,
When im waiting for death to make me laugh like a clown.

That is when u rise above all,
Breaking down this iron wall.
Holding me as i try to shut the door,
Making me see i can be so much more.
My guardian, my saviour, my angel in the sky,
U take my hand as we prepare to fly.

U r my one true voice of reason,
With me through every changing season.
Winter, summer, spring and fall,
Only u dare to answer my call.

Suicide Sally
She such a doll
She uses razor blades
And tear drops fall
She’s so pretty
This is true
But still
She jealous
That she is not you
Her smile is so divine
Her pain and anguish too real
Yet she is told
Just how to feel
Suicide Sally
She’s such a doll
When the time comes
And she makes the call
A cry for help?
No. Not at all
Suicide Sally
She’s such a doll
A smile so divine
Will you help her at all?
You will wait
Until blood drops fall

I am nothing but a mere shadow of my former self. Hidden behind drawn curtains.

In this world where choices reign
Our souls are lost and we feel such pain
Wandering around with no direction
Just a ray of light as our protection

The choice is made after much confusion
Let’s just hope this isn't an illusion
We shall rule this world together
Maybe even forever and ever‏

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