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I love history, traveling, learning new things, cooking, food, and reading!


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Cute signature

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Yes, yes, I appreciate your concern about my safety ^^; >> Oh yes, totally modest you are as well *nibbles her head*

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D: Please forgive me, I am kinda distracted today. Sent you the pm, and I am writing for Miki as we speak! heart

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i really like your avi smile heart i hope you dont mind the random comment smile

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amg, a fellow history nerd! *SUPAR HI FIVE*

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Hey! smile
mhm, is there such a thing as education for education's sake?
Because everything you can learn is always about the world we live in,
so it always has a connection. But yes, to make students want to learn something
it's important for them to see that connection... haha interesting topic

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Haha... whee

I think it's great that you're trying to explain that to your students...
it's so important. Without the past noone can understand the present!
And for me it was always so interesting to learn. But over here it's a problem as well
that history as a subject is not valued as much as before...
It's always about what "the economy needs", the idea of a broad educational background is lost (I hope that's understandable wink )

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...because of baroque style... emo they want the voice to sound very instrumental, that's why.
Well, I'll find my own way in it sweatdrop .
I love Jonas Kaufmann!! Finally a tenor with a voice (and a beautiful one), musicianship and great acting skills.
Plus he's really good-looking heart (fangirly...)
-and I say that although I've never been a real tenor-fan... just a short clip of his Don Jose at Covent Garden, if you want to hear:

I love Fauré! (Chopin doesn't have much for me to sing... sad )

I always get really angry when I hear that history is considered less important than maths etc.
For me it was history that really "broadened my horizon" (I don't know how to say that in English), you learn so much
about human nature, about cultures, etc. ... and if you look at the state of the world today you'll find so many conflicts that
are only understandable if you look at the history of these states. History is SO important...

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Yup, support... xp ...but for the old-music-stuff I'm supposed to be able to "turn it off" confused
and I'm starting to get better at it. but I don't have a typical voice for old music, and I'm happy about it razz
Right now I'm watching a short clip about Jonas Kaufmanns new album. Loooove him blaugh

History is an amazing subject to teach, isn't it? My father has been a history teacher as well (plus Latin and Religion).
I loved history at school, and for some time really wanted to study it as well. I think it's such an important thing to learn.
It's great that you're teaching it!! 3nodding

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Ahaha yay for vibrato! I've been recently trying to get better control over it... rofl
Mhm, criticism is always harder if one's voice is concerned, isn't it?
I think so at least... because with singing, you "yourself" are the instrument (sorry if the English is wrong... redface )
But being a teacher is great, especially if you're doing out of a passion for teaching.


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