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User Image ~~Welcome to my profile~~ User Image

I will be glad if you post on my profile. You want to know more about me? Everything you should know about me you will get by talking with me. If you want to be in my friend list you should know me better,talk with me, post on my profile and the most important thing is I need to like you. wink

Please visit this places and speciously my Flowers quest thread and help me to make my dream come true! More to read there =D

Click on this cat to see my picture!!
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~~Things I like~~

User Imagefunny and friendly people
User Imagechocolate
User Image ninjas
User ImageGaara heart heart *SMOCH*
User Imagegwees
User Imagesleeping
User Image water
User Image donatiors
User Image avatar arts
User Image racoons

~~Things I don't like~~

User Image beggers,stinky people,bastards,...
User Image spiders burning_eyes
User Image livers
User Image school
User Image brown
User Imagelayers
User Image when katana is growing in MP stare
User Image n00bs
User Image fakers...
User Imagelivers
User Image people....

~~~Avatar arts~~~

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SEND me your avatar arts for my avatar!! I want them really bad! xd *Click on image to see art*

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Lovely art by EriaTheWaterCharmer heart

More avatar arts in my journal <3


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Total Value: 4,777,845 Gold
[Item Information]

Item List:
Alruna's Rose
CoCo Kitty Plushie
Ancient Katana
Dark Halo
Subsonic Silver Hoochie Top
Crossed Belts
Soft Black Underwear
Black Stockings
Charred Tundra Boots
Demonic Pendant
Oculus Magica
Steel-plated Ninja Band

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User ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser Image

*refreshing every 10k

Please help! rolleyes

3nodding List of people who helped me a lot and made my day happier wink 3nodding

heart GuesWho42 heart
heart Ultimate Nova heart
heart SweetMiserie heart
heart Xhalo_Pee08 heart
heart Arianias heart
heart sour_kitty heart
heart republik-of-kosova heart
heart iPsycho___x3 heart

blaugh List of my charites blaugh

domokun Ultimate Nova domokun
domokun TinkerBell0427 domokun
domokun Nony-chan93 domokun

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Nukaya-gaara's Journal =D

Most my dream avatars! &lt;3



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click me
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click me
Undeniable Heroine

Report | 02/22/2009 6:21 pm

Undeniable Heroine

Just curious, is your lotto still going on?
Dark Master Huey

Report | 01/28/2009 7:04 pm

Dark Master Huey

send me a friend request and i want tickets

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hey User Image do u think u can help me out? im tring to get something spshil 4 mi bf and i need as mutch help as i can get. if you have and gold you could donate that would b fine. ill try and c what i have 4 the trade back

thank you User Image

it cost 8k >.<

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To all my friends, this is so sweet!!! Got it from one of my friends!

Girl:What's wrong?

Boy:I like her so much...

Girl:Talk to her!

Boy:I don't know. She won't ever like me.

Girl biggrin on't say that.You're amazing.

Boy:I just want her to know how I feel.

Girl:Then tell her.

Boy:She won't like me...

Girl:How do you know that?

Boy:I can just tell.

Girl:Well just tell her..

Boy:What should I say?

Girl:Tell her how much you like her!

Boy:I tell her that daily.

Girl:What do you mean?

Boy:I'm always with her. I love her.

Girl:I know how you feel. I have the same problem. But he'll never like me??BR

Boy:Wait. Who do you like?

Girl:Oh some boy.

Boy:Oh... she won't like me either.

Girl:She does.

Boy:How do you know..?

Girl:Because, who wouldn't like you?


Girl: You're wrong, I love you.

Boy:I love you too.

Girl:So are you going to talk to her?

Boy:I just did.

Because you opened this, you will get kissed on friday by the love of your life..... DO NOT BREAK THE CHAIN!! Your crush will ask you out. Tomorrow will be the best day of your life. However, if you don't send this to at least 10 people by at least 12:00 tonight, you will have bad luck in your love life for the rest of your life. Just repost, please copy and paste!! with the name 'Cute' or awww
God Of The Dead Anubis

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God Of The Dead Anubis

Happy Birthday

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Happy B-day

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Cherubim Aurora

Report | 07/31/2008 4:25 am

Cherubim Aurora

~POOF~ HAWHA! You have been visited by the ever elusive and constantly curious Pearl Goon. Now you are obligated to pledge your unwavering allegiance to SHE that is ME.

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Dear friends,

my account "nukaya-gaara" has been blocked from Gaia with no reason!! I'm so sad and desperate.... All my friends, items are gone! =((( I hope you will add me and keep commenting me on my new account.

Love you all, yours Nukaya User Image


Collecting bugs... Send trade ;DUser Image
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