My new account is Life-O-Suction. I hate this account name and I don't feel like wasting a perfectly good 30k.

Oh hell, I guess I can be a bit general.

I'm a 15-year old Liberal Atheist, and also a ardent supporter of arms. That was long. I have a love for the German Language, Physics, Chemistry, Acting, Wondering and just creating role-playing situations with me and my friends. I'm currently working on books that I'll never finish. Hehe, almost typed Finnish (which I'm starting to ponder as my fourth language, if I ever master Spanish).

Myself, personally? Nice easy-going guy. I care about my friends immensely, and I pretty much try to be there for them. I care immensely about the world I live in, and I try to make it a better place. When my friends forget me, and aren't there when I need them, I get very angry :-3 or I become depressed. But I'll be there for them.

In school, I do okay. Well... I'm trying harder this year, but we'll see how that goes, won't we? So far so good.

I admire reason and fairness over irrationality and unfairness... Hense why I'm an Atheist. I've seen the damage irrationality and blind faith can do to people, and since I feel that I might perhaps go insane one day myself, that's why I do it.

I probably have ADD, and if I don't have ADD, then I have short-term memory loss. If I forget your name and you get upset, and I know you, it really is nothing personal. I'm not Bob Barker, I don't remember names and I'm not a giant phony.

Basically: I'm light-hearted and I'm out to have a good time. But I'm a Teetotaler. I've seen drugs and alcohol ******** up my family, and I'm a compulsive person, so.


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You're lucky you have high-speed.

I have the gayest dial-up in the universe.

It takes, like, five minutes just to load one page.

And I need it to load for my dorkiness to live!!


I need cheat codes for a Final Fantasy game...

I'm so lame.

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Sneak in.

Report | 12/31/2008 4:28 pm


Happy New Year to you, too.

Partying on the Strip, I presume?

Report | 12/30/2008 9:26 pm


Well, I'm not ganna watch the vid, but go ahead send it to meh.


Report | 12/30/2008 9:18 pm


My school is full of too many valley girls and scene boys. >.> But I don't hang out with em' anyways.

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Thats probably how that person gets their video veiws

Report | 12/30/2008 8:56 pm


I don't have the drawings up on PB, no. I have a previous sketch, but thats it.

Nope. :3 I should be at my crappy zone school.

Report | 12/30/2008 8:42 pm


Well, not that crazy. Random crazy is what I meant.


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It sucks for me when friend bring up things from 6th,7th and 8th grade.

Psh. cuz' I wasn't being a freak.


Report | 12/30/2008 8:19 pm


Tch, your good with lying Ryan.


I don't remember most of yesterday. Only, like, a summary worth. But, don't take it offensively, I don't remember anything. Like 6th grade, forgot it completely. 7th grade I only have one memory of. 8th grade, a couple. >.>;;


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