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About Megu-chan
- - -

Well, let me see here....

Name's Megu-chan.

I draw anime to the best of my ability.

Likes blood and gore.

Loves cat girls and tentacle monsters.

Loves pie, sleeping, and.....reading...

Blah blah blah blah-blah bleh....BLARG!!!

Have a dreadful day^^

--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- Nozomi's Bio (RP Character)

Name: Nozomi Miyaku

Age: Appears to be 18, but is well over 200 years old. She lost count.

Birthday: June 4th

Species: Neko Hanyo

Gender: Female

- - -


Father: Zuo (Deceased)

Mother: Miyoko

Brother (Twin): Nuozuko (Deceased)

Physical Description:

Eyes- Bluish-green

Ears - Black

Tail- Black

Hair - Blue (In the present, it is short)

Height - 5' 7"

Weight: 120 lbs

Weapons - Scythe: Karite (Comes from her armband when it senses her battle aura. If she is killed, her scythe will cause her to become death personified.)

Accessories - A black, adamant armband (Left upper arm)

(Feudal Era) Clothing- A rouge kimono that is kept together by a bright, green obi. (changes depending on her mood. Usual length is just above her knee, and has cleavage showing. Hides in her armband when not in use. )

(Present) Clothing- A black tank top with the words -Bad Kitty- embedded on it. Red and black plaid capris, with chains and buckles. Black converse sneakers to top it off.

- - -

Demon form

Grows black fur all over her body and her usually slim physique enlarges as well causing her clothes to rip and tear off her form. She moves with the speed of a panther on all fours. Very rarely does this form walk upright like a human. Her blue-green eyes shift to a menacing yellow and her delicate hands change to vicious paws, with sharp claws to boot. She pretty much looks like a were-cat or furrie.

Human form

As a human, Nozomi is very proper and graceful. Long, flowing black hair that she usually ties up in a bun. Her pale skin is sometimes compared to the snow. She is not very talkative, but her sense of justice makes up for that weak trait. With her spiritual powers, she combines her martial artist moves and jiujutsu to plow her way through her enemies. As a geisha, her main pleasure is that she gets to dance, sing, and play her mandolin whenever there is a crowd nearby. She does not tolerate people who say that geisha are sluts. She beats the tar out of them after luring them close with her haunting icy, blue eyes.

Vixen Form

This form isn't what the name implies. She does not magically change into a fox.. No, this is yet another split from her psyche. It can be considered her sexuality personified. Her body is 80% covered in fur, with her feet and hands turned into large paws. Various scars cover her body, including her face. Her teeth are all filed to a point and she is literally insane. This insanity differs from her demonic form though. She loves nothing more than to cause torment to others. Torture and sex is what she lives for.

- - -

















-Bloodlust (Run away)

-Easily distracted


-Energetic, but crashes



-Self Loathing at times







-Taunting people


-Ripping things apart


-Her breasts

-Stupid people


-People staring at her

-FISH and birds!!

-Lovey-Dovey crap


-Herself in certain situations


Brief description on how your character acts:

Rather curious to newcomers, she can come off as invasive. That's just her natural curiosity kicking in. She can be very friendly to people who aren't spiteful towards her. However, if she senses that someone has an attitude, she will bring her own attitude tenfold! She can be quite strange, but she doesn't necessarily care. It's just her way of doing things. If there is anyone that needs assistance, she is right there when she is needed.

- - -

Other stuff


-Some psychic abilities (Reading minds, healing, and barriers).

-Psychotic Bloodshed: Whenever an opponent partakes in her blood, she uses it as a poison to destroy them from the inside-out or to cause them to explode.

-Spiritual/Demonic combo: She compresses both auras into an explosive attack that causes her opponents to experience various ill-fated demises.

-Spiritual Blitz: An attack that is usually utilized during her human form, it causes damage when used as a half demon. She can only use it for a certain amount of time before either severe damge is done, or she passes out.

Fighting Techniques:

-Zui Quan

-Wing Chun



-Mao Gong

Cat-like Traits:

-Natural Flexiblity



-Sensitive hearing

-Rough Tongue


-Affectionate/Independent at random occasions


-Dislikes sweets


The daughter of the Great Demon of the Southern Lands, and heir to the throne. Nozomi was kidnapped at the age of five, after her brother’s death, by Sataiki. Her aunt then beat the vixens ways into the poor little half demon girl. Having enough torment and torture, she escaped three years later and ran until she could not anymore. That is when she found her father, High Priest Zuo. A human priest that went around helping people in need. He took his little girl in only to force her to live as his -human- daughter. Zuo taught her the way of the priest, ninja, geisha, and martial artist. (You could say that she was pretty busy.) At age fifteen, Nozomi was placed under a spell to keep her subdued until her father returned to her. That time never came. When she had finally awakened, it had been centuries later, she was a half demon again. The villagers attacked her as she stumbled out of her hiding place. She ran, and came across her old friends younger brother who told her that his brother and Nozomi's father had been taken prisoner by Sataiki forty-eight years prior. First her brother, Nuozuko, then her father and friend. Nozomi had had enough. Anger and resentment burned in her heart as she made her way back into the world unknown.

Origin of Mewtwo ((OMG, this is so sad~~!))

Pokemon and other Creatures!

Nozomi's various versions!! >=D

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Me and my friends!! part 1

Me and my friends!! Part 2

Dancing Nurses!! XD

Pyramid Head!!


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This is my title!!!!!!

Hello and welcome to this one's Journal. I personally do not know what to put in this thing....because I've never had a dang journal...*Sniffle*


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Kagome Higurashiu Report | 08/07/2012 7:01 am
Kagome Higurashiu
Happy Birthday!
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blaugh its lauraaaa!!! biggrin i just got on and thought..hmm..ill comment on yo page 3nodding
Sexy Naraku Report | 08/31/2011 4:17 pm
Sexy Naraku
"Psssh... I am Naraku. I am afraid of no one."
Sexy Naraku Report | 08/31/2011 2:42 pm
Sexy Naraku
"Y-your not scared of me?"
Sexy Naraku Report | 08/31/2011 2:09 pm
Sexy Naraku
"I am Naraku."
Sexy Naraku Report | 08/30/2011 1:55 pm
Sexy Naraku
Naraku blinks. "Am I Santa Claus?" He sighs. "Good Kami girl, you are dense. Do I look like Santa Claus to you?"
Sexy Naraku Report | 08/29/2011 2:58 pm
Sexy Naraku
Naraku appears from the shadow. "Hello Little Girl."
priestess kagome123 Report | 08/07/2011 7:45 am
priestess kagome123
Happy Birthday Nozi! ^_^
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Oh . . . . . Well . . . Crap . . . . . xp
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HI . Are You Gonna Be Coming On Gaia Alot Now ?


I like pickles....


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