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Nozomi Sakiyurai
is a very shy quiet girl at first. She is very free spirited and beilieves anyone has good in them and they all deserve to be treated goodly she is kind and loves animals her brother is a vampire and his name is izzy nozomi loves the ocean.She is also a very good singer her voice calms people and also heals peoples souls and makes peoples lives calming . She loves to sleep and eat and loves her teddy Fumi without him she would be lost . she never had no mom or dad she was found on the doorsteps of a resturaunt called chinatsu fumitoro, she was raised by a sweet mother named keyaki and a dad named keto they loved her and made sure she would be the great girl she is now. when nozomi was smaller she used to get bullied but one day she met a girl named alisa she became best friends but then a tragic thing happend . It was a rainy day and alisa was crossing the street to get to school and she got hit by a car was too late when she got to the hospital she was dead nozomi would wait by the school gate for her everyday until she found out her best friend died she was lonley. Then 2 years later shes walking y the gates of her school a boy standing by the gate says hiya sis she finds out its her brotehr she never met. Then one day nozomi moves in with her brother . To be continued n__n