I'm just an awkward person. sometimes i'm crazy chatty and sometimes i'm very reserved.
I love to draw. I play the piano.
Love to read manga than anime.
Favourite manga/anime are: One Piece and Naruto
Favourite artists are: ERUTAN, AURORA & MJ
but I love all kinds of music too. i love to explore new/unique music that i've never heard before.
and yes i love rock too. just not too much shouting xD

If you have any questions you can just PM me
Discord: NOXV#0427
i dont bite. ^^


:Old usernames:
- Yuki Kazumi X3
- Yuki Kimura
- 0o- Asahiro Yuki -o0
- iCampabella
- iEscastropel
- SilentSpace
- Cheryll Blossom