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    Disc: 'Viking Mami#4235'

    There is never an inappropriate time to send me cute pictures of animals/lizards.
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    "Hanz is the only ginger I would accept into my life. Love you even though you’re a filthy furry” "Hanz he wants my swedish meat." –

    "Hannah,or as I call her, Anna (I'm a lazy person), is one of the kindest and caring people you will meet. She's always there for a helping hand. Always interested to listen. Not just for your sake but hers aswell,to learn and inquire. So she can help others even better. Shes hella fun to be around,makes clever and derpy jokes and you can have geniune,intellectual and ridiculous conversations with her. Not to mention that Anna is talented af,she blogs about a different load of topics of broad range. Shes the typical british bookguru who enjoys a sip of tea,curled up in a blanket who will randomly sing you a disney song or watch anime with at 2am or draw for you or post weird a** sims screenshots or talk about her skyrim life,in general just be there for you. She's definitely grown to be one of my best friends,not just on Gaia. But she knows her limit which she shows with a kind honesty,altho she sometimes just careees too much. Stay who you are Anna,because this world needs kindness like yours,someone that isnt willing to give up on humanity after all.
    I'm so thankful to have gotten to know you! PS. Be careful not to be psychoanalysed hue"

    Han, you're the sweetest most genuine girl I've ever met. Despite all that you go through you never failed to help me through my struggles however trivial they are. I hope I can do the same. You deserve the world. Love you hun ❤ -

    "Hannu is an amazing person and a British chick with sass. Love you <3" -

    I like your fire red hair, as if your soul burned with desire to show your truth to the world. You're the sweetest girl I've ever met, really sweet. I did not know that there could be people so full of light in the world. I thank you with all my soul that we have met, Hannah. Really.
    - ❤Vic

    “Jeeves/Han is the most driven, inspiring, kind person I have ever met. You over comes so much with a contagiously bright smile. You’re genuine and so rare in this life. Thanks for being you, Jeeves ~ “-
    ❤Mr Lukas

    Hanz |26| Therapist/Writer/Blogger


    Philosophical . Passionate . Persistent.
    ⚠ prone to random motivational outbursts.

    "Be too large for worry, too noble for anger, too strong for fear, and too happy to permit the presence of trouble." Don't shy from the light.
    Old soul and optimist wiith a dream to connect to people through writing & conversation. I'm very friendly unless you're a bully. Happy to help people with personal problems PM me. No random friend requests.

    Link to my Podcast <3

    "Look up at the stars and not down at your feet. Try to make sense of what you see." - Stephen Hawking

    A thank you to the friends who have changed my life:

    Aidan, you're wonderful in every sense of the word, I can talk to you for countless hours until I lose my voice. I laugh with you till I can hardly breathe, my heart feels so full around you. You're so intelligent, a masterful muse, I feel profound peace around you. You taught me how to let go of my past without knowing you were doing it, you taught me how to laugh and smile again. Thank you. Icarus/Riku/dork. <3

    Sam you are the real mvp, no.1 fanboy of chandler, you always have my back, I love our hilarious voice messages and conversations, you're a smart, pure, bean with a heart of gold. I love our intellectual discussions and I'm so grateful to you, you have helped pull me out of some dark places. PIVOT. I love you.

    Oli you are my brother from another mother, your deep ocean voice, your giant heart. I'm so blessed to have you in my life, you have gotten me through some really dark times and stayed by my side. I will never forget that. I love you.

    Jake bestie, you are indescribable, you have always been there for me, always made me laugh with your goofy dark humour, my movie buddy & my voice of reason. (Only you will get this) ******** pterodactyls, ********, wasn't me - 12.99 a pillow. I love you.

    Lovi beautiful lady I adore you, I appreciate your adorable messages, we talk endlessly which I'm so grateful for, you are such a sweetheart, you slay girl. I will always send you hundreds of hearts. I love you.

    Jade, darling you've always had my back, I really hope one day we become roomies. You are incredibly talented, beautiful, kind, goofy in the best of ways, when I talk to you I can't breathe from how much make me laugh. (Just exist and stay hydrated babygirl) I love you.

    ❤ music that feeds the soul. long conversations. memes that make you clap like a retarded seal. books that take you to far off places & expand your mind. movie-marathons with my movie hoe's. accents - oof. the fire sensation when you drink rum. Dark/lewd humour.

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