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I'm 17
I'm optemistic
I'm enthusiastic
I'm not "untouched" by the world, Ive experienced more than you ever will.
I hold high those who actually have experienced even close to what I have.

I'm weird.
I will say creepy, gross, and awkward stuff. Ill say things that can offend people, I don't mean to, I care about what people think, Its just who I am. I think the best most exciting feeling is awkwardness. Anyone who can make ME feel awkward is a hero, because its a really hard thing to do. I'm open to all subjects and I really enjoy having people to talk to. I do forget to reply to messages a lot though. hehe, whoops.
I'm sexual.
Ill make gross comments, laugh and joke about the weirdest sexual things. I'm not horny, I'm not interested and you cant get me to be interested, I just think the subject is worthy of humor.
I'm detached.
Sometimes I appear completely unemotional, but I'm very passionate and compassionate. Ill give you my all and give you the best advice, I'm super good at that stuff and really enjoy it. If you come to me upset, or confused, id feel honored to help.
I can't say I don't believe in the whole "love" thing, I suppose I'm just not interested in settling or committing myself to any one person (nor should I have to). There's just too much to lose and not enough reason to lose it. Either that or worst case scenario I'm legit asexual and will make self babies with all my self love. Love does exist. It has its time, it has its place. I think everyone has their one perfect person, or maybe three perfect persons just they don't meet one of them or two of them because they died or something. xD My perfect persons patiently waiting because he probably knows I don't want to meet him yet.
Ill have to think of more things later. I forgot who I am.


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iiJesshie Report | 02/22/2013 10:53 pm

My main account is iijesshie add me! pm me!