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    Hi, my name is Cassandra.
    I'm 23, oh my.

    Crush me?

    I had my first gaia account back when I was 14, it is 3300 days old. But this is a brand new account because I've been away for 6 years & wow a lot has changed!
    I'm always lurking the CB, so you probably don't see me around much ninja
    I'm really shy, and it takes me a lot of effort/courage gathering to post the most insignificant s**t.
    I am an anachronism/living in the past, and here are some examples: I rocked a cassette player when everyone in middle school had iPods, my only gaming systems are a PS2 and a lost GBA (and my computer when I want to pretend to be current). Once everyone gets PS4s, I'll hop aboard the obsolete PS3 train. And finally, I'm back here on gaia - because it really brings me back, so maybe I'm just obsessed with nostalgia, and not an anachronism after all.
    I like to make up really corny phrases and songs and s**t, and have come up with such excellent terms as: cougar cub - one who is not yet a cougar but will inevitably grow up to be one, gayflation - gaya's inflation, sisters before misters rofl

    Space and astronomy heart - the big bang, the big crunch?, star and planet formation, supernovae and black holes, dark matter, dark energy...
    Delicious food (I'm a picky eater, so all I eat is delicious s**t) Also,
    Spices and spicy: cinnamon, garlic, ginger, peppers
    I'm a food-masochist, I like it to burn and make me cry: siracha, jalepeños, Fireball cinnamon whisky, chili beer, hot sauce on everything
    If my nose and eyes are watering, I'm having a great time eating it.

    TLDR; I'm just a big lonely dork.
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    I actually spent a LOT of time filling out my interests (to the left), and there's some more about me in my quest thread here. Anything else you want to know you can pm me.

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    Amazing art kept in spoiler!

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Questing: Cotton Candy Godina and Her Cold Embrace. Need it for the cool avis I make.

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