My life is one repetitive cycle. Sleep, Work, Sleep. Nothing changes, everything is on repeat. cheese_whine

This is all the avie art I have had done for me.
User Image - Industrial Rainbow <3
User Image - Industrial Rainbow <3
User Image - Chat thingy by, Industrial Rainbow
User Image -done by orielle <3
User Image - Can't remember
User Image
User Image
User Image
User Image
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- Done by RoRakai <3
User Image -Can't remember

A Poem by Vivid Fizz:

A Mobsters Story:

Oh Come One, Come all
Come hear my Tale
Of a Man Who Thought
He could smuggle some Ale

It was back in the 20’s
When things were enraged
And the word “Prohibition”
Had set the story’s stage

This man was a man of good nature
A heart as kind as it was true
But he had a tasting for his beer
With a wife like his, wouldn’t you?

Well, when that word came about
It set the States in such a clatter
Police busted up his favorite bars
Instantly he saw what was the matter.

In this land, the one of the free
How could such a word be said?
Instantly the man rose from his seat
“Let me have my booze or let me be dead!”

The others ‘round him agreed
And that night they convened
Behind the bar to plan and scheme

It had been easy to make it
In sinks, cellars, and bathtubs
And the group, they sold it
As a special follicle head rub

Men remained bald but thoroughly wasted
Due to the man that quickly hastened
And stood up to such a horrible law
Who in the sand, a line he did draw

A man who stood beyond and above
And all for a relationship
That was devoid of any true love


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Howdy, Metal Boy.
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Happy Belated Birthday

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I decided to draw you!!
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what's ya think heart

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good. sweatdrop