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Aye wat ^ da name ish Julian. i l0ve music, $kateb0arding, and s0ccer i c0uldnt liv3e with0ut th0se things, they keep meh 0n dis crazy place called ~*$ingl3*~. umm..if yuh g0t s**t t0 say, say it t0 ma face n0t behind my back like a pu$$y 4$$ niggah. D0nt c0me Start stuff wiff meh f0r n0 reas0n i aint take ppl $h!t. if yuh respect me i d0 same t0 you. imma pretty c00l pers0n 0nce yuh get t0 kn0w m3, Ive learned that life is hella hard but imma make the best of it you only got one life 2 live make it the best you can imma make my life worth living no matter what the sacrafise and cost is its my life and im live it up and make it good and nobody gonna stop me things happen you lose ppl anf gain new ones ppl come and go its hard but if oh well just gotta go with the flow imma be all that i can be in life i know the cost of living and making choices and imma make the best i can. well dat it f0r n0wif yuh wanna kn0w anything else den just ask. P4yc3.


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angelcakez14 Report | 06/29/2009 9:57 am
hey man wats up wit u?????????????
LoViNg Ya LoTs Report | 06/14/2009 9:55 am
LoViNg Ya LoTs
Hey wats up? ^-^
LiL Bubblez90 Report | 05/28/2009 2:54 pm
LiL Bubblez90
LoViNg Ya LoTs Report | 05/16/2009 6:42 pm
LoViNg Ya LoTs
Hey wats up sorry i missed your bday i had to work! But...FELIZ CUMPLEANOS! And have fun i love ya homie!
- iQuit l3itch Report | 05/14/2009 9:14 pm
- iQuit l3itch
Dear, Julian
I want to wish you a happy birthday. i want you to know that im always here for you even though we got hrough are fazes and fight alot but I'm sorry, and I think you are to. i want you to know i will always love you no matter what as a
and my
If you need anything just ask. I hope you have a
LoVe YoU',
xXx-11_twilight_11-xXx Report | 05/14/2009 4:54 pm
hey happy birthday xXii-YoUnG_PIMpIN-iiXx
callmesexy1 Report | 05/07/2009 1:55 pm
callmesexy1 Report | 05/07/2009 1:54 pm
hi razz
maui246 Report | 05/02/2009 1:46 pm
i dont know i was trying to think of something to talk about!lol(u_u):" wink
MJaim3 Report | 05/01/2009 7:07 pm


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-The hardest thing in life, is
to watch the one you love, love
someone else.

-Just realize I didnt walk out
of your life you ******** pushed
me out.

-Im holding on to something that
used to be there and hoping in
will come back but knowing it

-Nothing is more painful than
realizing you hurt the one
person who meant the world
to you.

-Dont say you love me unless
you meant, cuz I might do
something crazy like believe

-The hardest thing ill ever
have to do..turn around and
walk away pretending that I
dont love you.

-Never say goodbye becuz goodbye
means going away and going away
means forgetting.

-You are every reason, every
hope, and every dream ive ever
had, and no matter what happens
in the future, everyday we are
together are the greatest days
of my live.

-Your always right, im always
wrong, im always there, im
almost gone.

-To the world you maybe one
person, but to one person
you maybe the world.

-One of the hardest things
in life is having words in
your heart that you cant

-One day you will cry for me
like I cried for you, one day
you will miss me like I missed
you, one day you will need me
like I needed you, one day you
will love me but I wont love

-Sometimes I wish you would
pay more attention 2 my favorite
songs becuz they sing the words
I am 2 scared 2 say.

-Lyrics say the words that
we wouldnt dare to.

-Its hard to make conversation
when shes taking my breath away.

-The hardest part about
walking away from you is
knowing you wont chase
after me.

-Love me or hate me I promise
it wont make or break me.

-And sometimes you make me
so mad i wanna throw you in
the middle of on-going traffic,
but the i realize i would
probably kill myself trying
2 save you.

-You dont have 2 love me,
you dont even have 2 like
me but you will respect me.

-I put on my nikes that
layed on your bedroom
floor had them laced up
and head to the door
flipped the hoodie over
my head and forgot
everything you ever

-The only people you need
in your life are the ones
that prove they need you
in theirs.

-Never apologize for giving
your best in a relatioship
that just didnt work out.

-Love is the person you
think about during the
sad songs.

-I have 2 make myself not
want you otherwise your
all I think about.

-A guy and a girl can just
be friends but at one point
or another they will fall
or eachother maybe
emporarily, maybe at
he wrong time, maybe too
late, or maybe forever.

-You know you really love
omeone when you dont hate
them for breaking your

-Dont hate me until I
give you a reason 2 dont
judge me until you know
the whole story.

-Im stratching but you
just out of my reach,
im ready when your ready
for me.

-One day ur going 2 wake up
and realize how much you care
for him, and when that time
comes he'll be waking up next
2 the girl who knew all along.

-Im either always fighting
2 hold on or fighting 2
let go.

-Bottom line, if you
want me, im all yours.