Alrighty, I don't usually take the time to do this because I don't like to analyze myself. So, as I'm posting this here, you better take the time to read it! GOT IT!

Thank you! =^.^=

Things to know about me:

-I love to do art, as in drawing, photo, you name it. I'm actually majoring in it at college. Art makes me happy.

-Dancing makes me happy, too, but not in front of people I don't know/like

-I F*KING LOVE CATS!! The furry little mammals that meow and purr and scratch, etc. etc. They are the most wonderful creatures in the world.

-I can make sushi. (Yes, the rolls are sushi. C'mon..start a fight! You'll be wrong!)

-I HATE phones. I hate talking on them. I'd rather talk to you in person or type at you (I know that's not much of an improvement, but everyone has to have a fault somewhere.)

-I live in GA...quite a boring part of it, too.

-Like most everyone else here, I like anime blah, blah, blah...

-I also have a strange interest in the supernatural. If you do too and you want to start an intellectual converstion with me about it, feel free. I always feel I can learn more about something of interest!!

-I respect people that fully type out their sentences (or even just their words) in an online conversation. USING CORRECT GRAMMAR AS WELL!! HOLY COW! That would be awesome if I could come across that!

-I don't care about your religion, sexual orientation, or stereotype. If you are a genuinely good person, that's all that matters. You're still a human being and deserve respect. If I'm respected, you'll be respected in return.



Denn die Todten reiten schnell.
For the dead travel fast.

Whatever whimsy pops into my head shall be laid to rest here with the waking dead.


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heart heart heart

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Oh snap, I totally forgot about Gaia o.o
Trisha Krispies

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Trisha Krispies

you're welcome <3 and i like your profile too ♥ thats nice :3

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Thanks for the comment on my avi! Btw I dig your profile. smile

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Thank you heart All is fine, a little busy but still good. So questiony thingy, do you have a facebook account?
Cure For Itchy Player

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Cure For Itchy Player

woah.. reallly thx you..

me too i love your pirate theme avi..

i will upgrade my avi soon.. ^_^ if i earn more inks.. ^_^ btw thank very much.. biggrin
Aliikai Kudo

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Aliikai Kudo

That evil grimlin cat thing standing next to you is adorable 4laugh
L i L Ghe Ghe Low

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L i L Ghe Ghe Low

Thank you very much for the wonderful comment on my profile I really appreciate it so much! 4laugh


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Thank you heart Yours looks really good too!
And yeah, everything is going well for you too!


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