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Anonymous Benefactors ART, Devil Tail, [Exclusive] Tiny Seaside Bachelorette, SDPlus #233 Prisoner Azrael, Butterfly Kisses, Kittens in Marshy Mittens, Most Challenging Date, Spiritual Blush, Peppy Magical Realism, SDPlus #440 Tetsu Yoshimi, Hot Cuppa Cocoa, Hazy Ember, Bloodstained Cook, Luminous Wishmaid, Forsaken Midway Monster, Peony and Rose the Pygmy Goats, Blacklisted Skimpy Swim Bottom, Devilish Seirenes, Orchid Headphones, Novice Tooth Fairy, Kitsune's Sister, Tactician of the World, Speedy Jackalope, Cream Pie, Cream Pie Slice, Nitemare Collar, Bonny Lass, Wolfgang Duck, Gold Grab Bag, Garage Band Baby, Elysian Knight, Trickster's Gambit, Transforming Oil, Follower of Jack, Sea's Bones, Glacemella, Summer Daisy, Bronze Spring Peeper, Healer Lorraine, Astra-103: Brown Winking Sly Eyes, Violince, Berry Bikkie, SDPlus #255 La Dragonne, Romance Pendant, Astra-58: Shrouded Night, Emery Flower, Aquatica, Friendship Pendant, Ultra Satan Slippers, Astra-11: Lucky Clover, Brown Magical Giftbox-Hockey Mask, White Sweetheart Ruffled Dress, Silver Champagne Party Dress, Kiki Fleece Hat, Meido Deluxe Cherry Apron, Nouveau Spring, Silver Hearthfire Pendant, Green Deluxe Ribbon Stockings, Classic Chocolate Milkshake, Milkbunodon Horns, Astra-112: Mournful Breeze, Scarlet Sprite, Professor Noarishi, ORLY? Hat, Oh My Gumball, Dashing Gentleman Onyx Tuxedo Trousers, Sainte Ciel: Agape 3rd Generation, Neapolitan Sash (Vanilla), Green Goldfish Scooper, G Shades Blue, November Birthstone Cape, SBX-2, Rosa Decora, Flynn's Booty Bundle, Aquatica, Friendship Pendant, Queen's Advisor, Hellish Envoy, 5,300,000,000 gold

-[The Spoof]- 500,000 gold
` k i t + 200,000,000 gold
`I c e y Meracle Swimmer, Galactic Cadet, Dark Star Cygnus, Starkeeper's Astrolabe, Danse des Etoiles, Aquarium Cute Pink Star Sticker, Niji
+[Skarekrow]+ Misguided Brother
adori-tea Dust Spirit
AdorkableLee Flawless Princeless Princess, Quindecimia's Wings, Priss Sea
AHRl Frigid War Hymn
Ambien Dreams Nartian Star, January Birthstone Anklets, Brown Stripes Right Arm Tattoo, Thank You Letter For December 2006
AngelicHottie126 Natural Flutter
Annabell Artemis Nyx Father's Armor
Antique Doll Snow Devout Supplicant Prince
Apotemnophilia Kira Kira Killer
Aqua Fortise Novice Sister, 20,000,000,000 gold
ariasaven Snow Queen of the West
Arkphyre Back Alley Grab Bag (10 Pack)
Arseli Constellation Columba
Articunbro 8,000,000,000 gold
assbakas Demonic Anklets
AuryLyall Ashen Marionette
Axsphyxiia Seeker of Withered Spirits, August Birthstone Family Jewels, Correspondence From Home, Blonde Brow Basics, Sweet Fabella Genesis, The Jabberwock Rejuvenated, Sweetheart Garden Fae, Petite Wormwood, Gothic Melody, Project Fatal, Sweet Doufu Hua, Dark Chocolate, Mellow Cryptodira, Hell's Mistress, Mudslide, Colorful Eurydice Eyes, Demon's Dignity, Rosamund's Yearning, Aria Dannata, SDPlus #492 Eurydice, Sweet Talker, SDPlus #253 Sandman, The Prince's Ivy Rose, Teal Flutter, Shuaijan Methodical, Organic Salad of the Day, Selachii's Drift, Octopals, Wicked Hind of Avalon, 150,015,000,000 gold
Bacon The Clown Bearly Cold
Bad Lvck Brian Gaia Anniversary Flashback, Dame de l'Opera, Mint Artemis, Astra: Silver Sparkle, Flatline Love, Astra: Horns of White Noise, Azure Saga, La Bella Chanteuse, Honest Amadea, Immoral Skullheads, Punishing Acedia, Enduring Amadea, Punishing Invidia, Nom Nom Oooh
BALLOONFACE Butterfly Jump
BellaLuna510 Platinum Kitty Awards
Beariee_Scariee His Manifestation
Bizui Pastel Baebie Girl
BloodandIvory Reve Rouille 8th Generation
Blueberry Anon Astra: Melty Kiss Ascending Wings
Boizan Dame Lucille-Eva
Bra Size Raven Black Kachina Dancer's Wings
Brookayyy 1,000,000,000 gold
buckystars Quiver
Butt Juggler Fanciful Fille
BzztBzzt The Life Whisper, Determined Daeva
CandyV o m i c i d e Dutchess Periwinkle Rose Dress and Heels
CannedCats Changeling Baby Boy
ccelesticaa Ice Prince
chaance Custom Cut 4th Generation, Red Turquoise Dragon Bottom Tattoo, Lawful Master, Rookie Inquiry, Warm Triangular Beat Style, Inverse Reverse, Obsessive Adoration, Jinxi's Charm, Hyde's Bloodthirst, Corgi Puppy March, Peau d'Âne, Protagonist's Quandary, I, Gradient, My Cherry Bubblegum Heart, Trendy Dark Skinny Jeans, Black Emo Bag, Tempie's Ronin Plushie, Peter's Youth, The Berserk Hatter, Jinxi's Charm, Charming Blake's Asymmetrical Hair, Cool Bass
Chewiest Incinerating Inferno Champion, Crossing Star Lovers, Alluring Salacubus, Velvet Hexmistress, Obstinate Kakumei Soldier, Mistress of Fireflies
chicken salad roll Spring Rose
CHlTOGE Sweet Lilly
Chimera Cross Picolitrosso's Urn
coffeebean IV Lunatic Exorciblings
Choxiie Spirited 2k8 Santa Hat
Corpse Chick SDPlus #231 Lumiere, The Prince's Cream Rose, Tendril of the Ocean, Steele's Warmth
Cpt Odd 500,000 gold
Crackology Corona Borealis
CRAFTlE Goti Clips, Kuro's Induction
craftykitsune Kanoko's Frostee Sweets, Prima Poppet
creepin it real Pink Magical Giftbox
crushed+twinkie Eurydice's Diaphaneity
Curry Kat Between Misty Sea and Sky
Cymbalik Festive Hot Cocoa
Damnit Moose Moose 500,000 gold
dark_starlover3 250,000,000 gold
Dat Bunneh-kins 40,000,000 gold
Diablo Pepper 2,000,000 gold
Digital CIouds Swanky Dude
DNA Polymerase Heavenly Gilded Fleece, Painted Goddess of Gaia, Rising Kaguyahime
Doskito Dorito Relaxed Candy Flower Chic
Dovuhkiin Dark Underworldly Sorceress
Eloquent Darling Sandman's Guilt, Folly Roger, Wonderland Carousel, Sour Honeyberry, Lunar Archer, Mythical Thief, Seraphic Fox, Nyaneko Cheer, Prima's Frozen Wings, Monthly Collectible for September 2015, Loose Sideswept Matsuri Bangs, Fables of Heros, Rapturous Bliss, Organic Salad of the Day, Noblewoman Bundle, Momo's Night In, Astra: Gleaming Eye, Disconnected Demoness, New Year Resolution, February Birthstone Family Jewels
enchantr Eurydice's Vaporescence, Tanoshimu Spirit, Kyubon's Dusk, Kyubon's Eclipse, Capricious Mage, ICHI-maru-YON, Space Monster Mask, Space Monster Mask, Space Monster Mask, Space Monster Mask, Space Monster Mask, Space Monster Mask, Space Monster Mask, Space Monster Mask
Eisen Drosselmeyer Astra: Swishing White Wolf Tail
Eternal Saint SDPlus #057 Nervegas Crisis
EverlastingFairy 1,000,000,000 gold
fewhewk Icy Marionette, Island Sherbert, Bee Sting, Topaz Diamond Dog, The Cherubic Queen of Solair, Astra-117: Sparkling Night, Clockwork Headmaster, Demonic Innocence, Steamgear Desperado, Jupiter's Lace
FIavor Warm Hex Enchantress Locks
FireonYce Thea the Unicorn
Flan Senpai Bad at Being Good, Ancient Katana
flokkubra Marquis de Marquee
Fluffy Jishubunny Obstinate Kakumei Soldier
Fruit Topping 500,000,000 gold
G-Mini Fly to the Moon
Goldilocks And The Wolf Wendy's Care
Hakoinu Lulu
Hemsut 125,000 gold
HoppingTurkey Gemini Twins, 2,500,000,000 gold
HpIar THE Bride, Pale Marionette, Watchful Hind of Avalon, 300,000,000,000 gold
hyeonnie Boy Mood Bubble
I am most Terrible 100,000,000 gold
i do not like you Floral Kisses, Woolly Warden
icey bb Fragrant Fabella Genesis, Underworldly Sorceress, Winter Konpeito
I Pikachoose You [Exclusive] Tiny Butterlorette
I Fight Drunk Anesidora's Sorrow
I Jensen I Ancient Cube C
IIDMPunkII Art of Espionage 2nd Generation, Parcel Post, Flynn's Booty Bundle, 1,000,000,000 gold
II Palmtop Tiger II Arte the Playful Mage
Il-S h i v a-Il Porcelina Black Cashmere Coat
Imperial Shockies Dark Crowned Ranks
Imaginary Socks Hollywood Vixen
InkDevil Mister Heartbreak
IVPassions Passionate Mao Mao, SDPlus #153 Easter Bunny
Jen-Til Punishing Acedia
Jennarous Dainty Dragonslayer, Bubblegum Parcel Post, Berry Sweetie, Magical Matchmaker, Matsuriko no Kyandi, Queen's Agony and Rapture, Coy Shiromuji, Adelpha's Courage
Jensen Is Awesome Meracle Swimmer, SDPlus #469 Ellette, Whispering Wisteria, Strawberry Ribbon Candy, Faustine's Bottle, Rocky Ranger BB Gun, Divinity Court Veronique, Milk the Cat, Dew Drop, Cosmic Messenger, Pieces of You
JiggleFiend Golden Piggy Bank
jizzed when he Kitsune Mask, Nice Suit for Work, Seven Ravens, Pale Marionette, Demonic Wind, Orinkage, Dark Conductor, Kintaro the Shiba Inu, The Mad Hatter, Sinful Spice, SDPlus #454 Nameless Hero, Opalescent Rainbow, Onyxback Lion Mask, The Fool's Hatter, Astra: Autumn Leaf Wings, Astra: Ghastly Jack O' Lantern Head, HoC: Dragoneye Savant, Lepus the Moga, SDPlus #351 Mad Hatter, HoC: Eldwyn the Bright, Flight of the Honey Bee
Katscion Angel of Intensity, Eternal Goddess of the Moon, Athena's Wings, Invasive Leo, Y Paddle, Star of the Sea, Alena's Jinx
Kay Neine SDPlus #210 Black King
Kayrito Flaky Choco
Keikos Cake Astra: Orange and Black Nitemare Headwings
Key-Zi-Zi 1,000,000,000 gold
King Codex 40,000,000,000 gold
Kiyisha 100,000 gold
Kkuroo Ancient Katana
Klip 10th Anniversary Diamond Rose Corsage
Kottan-Beauty Rose Mechanic
Kumadere Tiny Twinkling Bachelorette, Naive Bloom
Lady Sindara Pretty Princess Purple Hennin
Last Targaryen Panty Raider
Lavens Scandalous Starlet's Lingerie, Akihabara Somebody, Astra: Swishing Deep Rose Wolf Tail, Spirit of the Summer Sparkler, [Animal] Spirit of the Summer Team Masks, [Animal] Spirit of the Summer Cute Obi, Spirit of the Summer Fishy Balloon, Spirit of the Summer Goldfish Bag, Burned Dread, Astra: Brown and Cream Tanuki Tail, Briar Rose Dream, Chuui Rider, Raisin Ribbon Candy
lazii-diino 50,000,000 gold
LiI HaI 10,000,000,000 gold
lIIusion Pink Link
Lise Heroic Thief
lmpetigo Heart = Mind, Seelie Order, The Cherubic Queen of Solair
Lucid Hallucinogen Dutchess Cobalt Rose Dress and Heels, Dutchess Dusty Rose Dress and Heels, Kéntauros' Blessing, The Alpine Fawns, Stygian Shuck, His Darkness, Mary's Carnival Eyes, Spellbound Sorceress, Project Shopkeeper, Project Shopkeeper, Project Shopkeeper, 11,250,000,000 gold
Linshon 20,000,000,000 gold
l S0ULS l September Birthstone Necklace, Demon's Dominance, Sapphire Sea Princess
lurking cat thief Whipping Natural Devil Tail, Raphael's Wings, Astra: Dark and Light Demonic Angel Mini Wings, Astra: Devilish Nitemare Headwings, Freya's Dark Wings
M A U R l C E Foreboding Rabbitan, Musical Memory
M S Mindfang Star Money
Madame Lee Ebony Debutante
Mama Sheep Her Grace's Royal Smile
Mapoii Little Chingwa
Mc Derfing Crystal Flower
Meanye 1,000,000,000 gold
Miasmajesty Keiko's Cake
MicroDotz Pusheh's Fringe Set, Demonfly Bug Friend
MinteeCutee Romantic Dinner
MintyMiDraws Mama Spinel, Rose Cleric Of Love, Biancamella 6th Gen, Unearthly Spunk, Biancamella 6th Gen
Mirrormist Wayward Hind of Avalon, House of Myriad, Hostess of Irrational Tea
mishie bishie White Leopard Fur Hat, Light Crowned Ranks, Dark Crowned Ranks
Miss Mezzy SDPlus #313 Professor Hana, Yggdrasil Fae, 500,000 gold
MisterMaurice Demonic Pitchfork, Rainbow Cookies
Molesting Finger Astra-222: Golden Sparkle
MoonlightIV_MoH Passionate Mao Mao, Sweet Vanilla Mousse
moonlite dreamer Queen of the Frozen North
Mr-Philanthropist Candy Stripe Underwear, Dancer Bottom
Ms Minty Creams Volant Reverie
NeoMalady Natural Arms, Innocent Daughter of the Woods, Evangelical Spirit Seeker, Sorbet Honeyberry
Ninja kelpie Juno's Lace
norgay 1,000,000 gold
Nylon Nibbles Werebear
oBun Necromancer School
Octea July2k15 Black Bundle
Oh Devotion Staff of the Angels, Alluring Crimson Shoes, Pale Crimson Shoes, Exquisite Crimson Shoes, Vengeful Crimson Shoes, Old Crimson Shoes, Graceful Crimson Shoes, Delightful Crimson Shoes, Golden Crimson Shoes, Pride of Hubris, Vanity of Hubris, Demon's Prestige, September Birthstone Necklace, Twilight Siren, Shin's Persistence, Guilty Love, Mary Mcfly, Light Hardhearted Bangs, Vengeful Lestelle, Demon's Prominence, Demon's Superiority, 2,000,000,000 gold
Orbal Punkish Dilemma
Oro Senpai Ard-Rí Fionnbharr
Ouja Akuma Fraulein Marzen
Over The Diamond Hidden Ace 12th Generation
pants overrated Burgandy Lips
Peace-Anon Seelie Order
peanut butter and apples Doki Doki Premiere, Volant Reverie 2nd Gen, Fan of Fish Sweater, Strawberry Pandaista
Pew Pew Tron Damned Blood Huntress
PonyJerk Sweet Lady, Sweet Lady
Post Coital Cookie Operatic Cantata, NeoGaia Bloody Guardian
PrettyLadyC Proud Pisces of Eight
Professor Fenrir Five Yen Favor
Prozac Milkshake 500,000 gold
PyratePuinx Vampire Sound
QT Kimchee Buffy the Grunge Kitten
Quinn Luna Lady Soldier Dashi
Rabean Hero's Journey
Randy Jenkins Sibyl's Incantation
Raycyden Beyond Bundle
Ringa Linga Gamer Bundle
Robot Alicorn Attack Heart of Gold
ruciia Sweet Godina Bundle
rypntlk Distant Utopia
RyuujiXMeg1 Monarchy Kodona, Lady Chimes, Snow Queen of the North
Scit Unforgettable Eclectic Lapin, Cool Kricket Hair
SeanMikey Golden Wings
Seopa Carnival Face Paint
Sex With A Blender 5,000,000,000 gold
Silent Sympathy Portrait of a Hare, Portrait of a Hairy Hare, Portrait of an English Hare, Portrait of a Scottish Hare, Portrait of a Lavender Hare, Impression of a Hare, Portrait of a John Hare
Sir Twitty Dainty Damsel
Soft Sins Friendship Pendant
sold my soul for wifi Counterfeit Sylph, Amusing Manner
Solid Sidna Guise of the Ursine
Songhai Camille Muraena's Ribbons
Sp0nges Night's Knight
Stereotype A Zombie G CORP Labcoat
Stoned n Boned 10,000 gold
stravvberryNeko Little Yeti
TattedCashRoger53 2,500,000 gold
Tea n Kitties Buck Teeth
That Photo Guy Easter 2k11 Robotic Bunny Ears
TheDarkestPleasure Sin of Crystallized Lust
The Gypsy Dragon Midnight Countess
Tipsy Lunatic The Lusty Scoundrel
Tobrecan Bonnie Ol' Clyde
TobyLym Chuchip's Blessing, Light Magic, Executioner of Spades, Elemental Love, Royal Cavalier
toufu-time Honeyberry, 6,000 gold
Tuberculosis Bill 21,000,000,000 gold
Unheard Freak Show Posters
ur next bf Aika's Garden
Vaginal Cramping 1,000,000 gold
Vigilante Woman Pink Frosting Cop
vilichu Little Sous Spirits
Voq 10,000,000 gold
Whiskey Dik Silver Sprite, Scarlet Sprite
Wixi 10,000,000 gold
x_ T r i s t e _x 500,000 gold
xl3ullShiet Sunset Swamplands Circe, Trickster's Stunt
Xehiros Bunrin Carrotto
Xelvorktork Black Jack
XO B S E S S Adelpha's Resolve
x-shae Wed to Darkness
xX-BloodyReaper-Xx Pearl Sea Princess, Silvery Sea Princess
xXMoosiie_ForeverXx Toast with Jam
xVu Devil Tail
Yellow Days Wasteland Wanderer
you mad Holy Gauntlets
your rad waifu Admonishing Drum Major
yveltals Stellar Wish
Zero Poet Let's Build a Snowman (5 Pack)

User Image
User Image
User Image

emotion_bigheart emotion_bigheart emotion_bigheart emotion_bigheart emotion_bigheart

This is Mino.
He's a mutt.
Probably a Pom/terrier mix.
Born on Dec 22, 2013.
Had him since he was 4 months.
He listens to me.
And only me.
But he still loves the ladies.
And men.
Mino likes to kill things.
Many, many things.
The blood spilled by his paws...
are endless...
His total kill count is as follows.
Flies: 2
Rats: 9
Mice: 7
Squirrels: 1
Chickens: 2
Blankets: 17
But Mino still loves you so much.
Yes, I know.
Mino looks funny shaved.
He also does not like being unfluffed.

emotion_bigheart emotion_bigheart emotion_bigheart emotion_bigheart emotion_bigheart

User Image
User Image