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-born July 18th, 1990

-video games

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-going to college

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From day to day experiences, you discover the basic fundamentals of life. How differently each individual percieves things depends solely on who they are, what they've been through, and what they've learned to gain that philosophy.

If you've come across my page, it's because you, like so many others, have found yourself curious on what kind of person I am.

Based on my profile, you could judge me, stereotype me, develop whatever sort of prejudice you may about me; and you will still have no clue who I am.

I could be the next messiah, your true love, the next American Idol, your worst enemy, or I could very well be a ***** homosexual maniac out to get you in your sleep. These things I can honestly say I am not, but honesty means nothing unless you know and trust the person pursuing it.

This section "About Me" simply amuses me, because I could tell you so many things about myself, divulge unimaginable secrets of my life, and you would still know nothing about me, because you can not begin to grasp the concept of telepathy; you do not think my thoughts, you do not feel my motivations, you are not me. So there really isn't any way of you knowing, and all you can view is mystery.

Life is full of wonders, isn't it magnificent?


"If beauty is painful, and it hurts to think, reflect"
-Noriko Mushimori.



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