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wanna here a poem that i made? Yes!? oh great! i hope you'll like it whee

TITLE: Poem of life

When we were a spec compared to the world all around us,
I knew life would be hard, Nothing would be perfect Nor easy,
We were babys, we cried,Lived,Loved,got angry and made a fuss,

We didn't give a care in the world of what was happening me, You, Us
Were Bound to live a different fate as the universe started changing
we grew up into kids, we went to school made friends and started coming apart,
I didn't trust you, and you started to not trust me, we Started becoming insecure,
every one started Picking on us we were forbidden lovers thats what made us fall apart,Everything,Rearranging

we were adults found love gave birth to what we once were,
everything was fine until you met "Her",i was jealous,furious,
nothing would be the same, i got into a car crash everything was white,
i went blind.

you sat near my grave, Praying, Crying, you realized i was in a good place,
a place with the creator of a new universe, you grew old and one day....
you were there with me, in that place where love was never forbidden.

Thats my poem thanks for reading it! heart


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