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Okay, so dig this, people say im old fashioned now i think im just kickin it oldschool, and thats okay far as im concerned.
Ilove Rock aqnd Roll, and insted of sellin my soul id have to say it saved min.
I also love video games, a little too much i geuss, but as long as i dont go blind or lose all my fingers im still gonna play em.


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tsuki-onee Report | 11/24/2012 7:57 pm
hey hun, miss you ^^ send me an im or something sometime.
Visba Report | 11/12/2009 1:51 pm
Nice signature. I hope you don't mind if I finish the verse:

Oh what a nice contented world
Let the banners be unfurled
Hold the Red Star proudly high in hand!

Glad to find a fellow Rush fan. biggrin
netflex_and_chill Report | 06/07/2009 4:52 pm
xD Yay?
netflex_and_chill Report | 06/07/2009 4:41 pm
Oh. ^^ Well I see what your getting at. I kind of made my profile just for shits and giggles. To see what reaction I'd get~
netflex_and_chill Report | 06/07/2009 4:28 pm
I was wondering where you even got th eidea of emo philosiphy. I know it igsists. But like, why'd you even start thinking about it?
netflex_and_chill Report | 06/07/2009 12:38 pm
xD There's more to a personality then jsut inttligence, that's just the added bounus of knowing the person isn't going to possibly be a totall failure. xD

And yeah, it is intresting, my qustionw as where you pulled that out of.
netflex_and_chill Report | 06/07/2009 12:06 pm
I never said I didn't like it. ^^
xD It beats mine by ten times over~

It's kind of..Free like~
netflex_and_chill Report | 06/07/2009 10:36 am
xD I'm glad you like the emo philosiphy? I guess your relationg it to my backround? Or my about me. xD

I read your all about me, it was wierd. ^^
TillxGone Report | 04/09/2009 2:02 pm
Excuse me. I was hoping for you to check your trades because I have a trade waiting for you to accept.
It would be great if you would wear the bunny ears in the trade because we're having everyone in e.f.e wear a pair.
Please and Thank you. :'D
caro_san Report | 01/16/2009 5:03 am
Thats funny . Aren't you busy would be a good question. User Image


Look around this world we made
Equality our stock in trade
Come and join the brotherhood of man
~Geddy Lee

Because none of us are as cruel as all of us...

If a picture is worth a thousand words, and i only get 255 characters... i think im screwed.


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