Let's see if we can fill this out a little bit, shall we.

I am a young male in my early twenties.
Granted, I'm not exactly biologically male. I am a transgendered, bisexual male, although I prefer men so it makes me a transgendered gay. I'd love to become male, yet can't because I haven't even come out of the closet yet. How brave am I, geeze. =x=''
My family life isn't the greatest, but I have somewhere to live right now.

There has been an update~ Ooohhh, so shocker?
I came out to my mother.
She's... Handling it better than I thought she would.

I am single, after-all, I have high standards when it comes to men~ :3
My "chosen name" is Eneko Tau. Because I feel like this name and middle name is more me than anything my guardian gave me. I like it. Anyone who reads this may call me Ene~ :3

A few things I hate in life are posers, this including people who go on about their problems when they haven't tried to do something yet, and unreasonable homophobes. If yer homophobic for a serious reason, that's not because "It's gross" or "because the bible says it's wrong," then it's understandable. I dislike a lot of things related to it merely because some religion said otherwise.

I am currently working to become a Taoist from a Catholic. Like heck I can become who I am in my religion. Makes it a bit difficult.

I wish to go to Cali soon to live with a roommate and my best friend whom I love to pieces~ <3 In Cali, I hope to go back to college, a community college, and earn a graphic designer degree.

One last thing, over my pathetic early life, I have grown to be anti-social and cold in reality. I am afraid of people, not because of what they might think of me, but their over-all attitude for my type of person to be around them. It's not like I'm open about my sexual orientation, but it's more like I'm a blunt son of a bastard sometimes and thus, it's hard to get along with me.

I'm also terribly afraid of society. Their stupidity makes me feel uncomfortable just going to McDonalds.. =x=''

So~ Thanks for reading. I'll update this whenever I feel like it. Peace and love~


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Everything is put on hold!
I am on a major quest!
.... For a Dungeon Master that can deal with nooblets and turn them into owls! *^*
.... What, I can play D&D if I want. /nerd pride, woot, woot
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Lawl, nahhh, you don't /have/ to... But I'd like it..~