'' they will kiss their knuckles before they throw the first punch ''


hello there curious stranger, you have found your way to my dumb profile.
congrats! you get to learn a little bit about me whether you want to or not!
you can call me nodo, or nodes! im twenty-three years old as of april 28th,
I am nonbinary so please use they/them pronouns when referring to me

some of my interests include d&d, critical role, the dark crystal, and most
relevant, roleplaying. i'm coming back from my fourth hiatus, so im still a
bit stiff. but if youre interested in roping me into a 1x1/group rp, im down!
i also make my own graphics for rps but i am uncomfortable extending that
skill to those i dont know well or characters i am not invested in. sorry!
if it isn't evident at this point, i have problems with anxiety and might be a
tad slow to respond to messages/replies, but i am getting better with that!

here's my tumblr, rp samples, comments, and how to add/pm me
thank you i hope youre having a wonderful day/noon/night